emails bouncing

We have recently moved web server to Win2k3 and I have noticed that emails going through our server from email addresses are getting bounced with the message:

Action: failed
Status: 5.5.0
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 sender, but not from a publicised relay.

Is this happening because an AOL user has sent an enquiry form from one of our sites but not actually been logged into AOL at the time of sending?

Is there some way I can fix this as I cannot find anything on the web to help resolve this issue.  It's important to resolve this because a lot of our large clients are receiving legitimate emails from users.

Thanks in advance,
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I was having issues sending to users and this website helped me resolve it.  

Are you saying that your web form emails users at AOL or you are not getting emails from AOL users?

If it is sending issues, the below error is the closest I could find.  Maybe you'll have to call them.

550 Service unavailable or SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection
The information presently available to AOL indicates this server is being used to transmit unsolicited e-mail to AOL. Based on AOL's Unsolicited Bulk E-mail policy at AOL cannot accept further e-mail transactions from this server or domain. Please have your ISP/ASP or server admin call AOL at 1-703-265-4670, or visit for more information.

If you are receiving the above bounce message, please check our Dial Up List search page, our open relay search page, and our open proxy search page to determine which of the above scenarios is causing your e-mail issue.

Good Luck
paulsingsAuthor Commented:
It's when an AOL user enters their details on a web form which posts to an email address - it just bounces with the 5.5.0 error
How is the form setup, what SMTP server is it using?  If your email server can send to AOL you should configure the web server to use your SMTP server.  I'm not much of a web programmer, but I know in PHP you configure which SMTP server to use.
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paulsingsAuthor Commented:
The forms use the JMail object and has been set up to point at our IIS SMTP server.  The IIS SMTP has been set up exactly the same as on our old server...
paulsingsAuthor Commented:
I have just been doing some research on the matter and noticed that AOL have an SPF setup for their email system which apparently is causing the problems.
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