Generate Word Lists?

It's pretty difficult to find a more fitting section to ask this question.
I'm trying to make a program that will generate a word search puzzle, but I'm obviously not planning to type up a word list of most common English words myself. Where do I go to get word lists of most common words? Or some program that generates word lists to my liking, depending on categories/length/etc.?
Anything would help.
Thank you.
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I just googled "most common english words" and got this:

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Or you could go for a more specific list with puzzle-ish words:
DeuceEEAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for this quick reply. That's why I use Experts Exchange.

I actually ran into these links on my search, but the problem is that they're pretty much EVERY word of English. I don't want that. I want words that are most common, and predictible. In one of these lists, I found that there is an English word "abab". That's so unpredictable.
The first link is more of what I want. Common words. But they're only 1000 words, and they're uncategorized.

Any ideas?
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What would be good would be to write a little app to "scrape" words from literary web sites, and then put each word, when found into place in a frequency histogram.  You probably wouldn't be interested in words of three or less letters, so you could throw those words away.  You then cream off a random selection of words that fit within a 90%-10% band of popularity and use these words (so ruling out words like abab).  Categorising words would be difficult.  If you were doing a word puzzle with the topic "food" then it would be impossible to produce an automatically constructed list that guaranteed each word in it would be related to food.
Here's what I would do:
  1) Take one of the bigger word lists (I found one with 3000 words)
  2) Build a Excel spreadsheet with popularity and word (Cut and past word list pages into excel)
  3) Add a column that computes word length
  4) Sort by word length and delete ALL of the words less than 3 characters (Maybe even 4 or 5)
  5) Sort by popularity again and add another column which is the category
  6) Start categorizing the words until you have a big enough list
This is the best resource I've found on the net, and I write programs for word games as well.
that's a nice one, bookmarked!
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