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Other than Dreamweaver, are there any editors that show a real-time output of the work one is doing in the same window as the coding?  In dreamweaver, both screens are visible at the same time: coding on top, output on the bottom.  Any other simultaneous views like this?

Many thanks,

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Google says it best, look at the link below:
I don't know about Google saying it best.
I have a lot of confidence in computers following orders, but their ability to effectively give them is not so impressive.


Can you describe your needs a little more - what you'll be doing with the software, is it for small or large-scale development, are there any server/hosting requirements that need to be met?

yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hello Mr. Webdev & Sean,

Thanks so much for your replies!  Sean, our work will be small to mid-size, closer to small.  We just downloaded Adobe GoLive.  It seems to be an interesting format.  Have you seen this one?  It really adheres to tables though.  Seems with the shift to CSS/no table pages that might be a disadvantage?  What do you think?

The key for us is to be able to see the coding and the output at the same time.  For our skill set, that will help us improve! :)  The disadvantage of Frontpage, and even GoLive, is that one is wysiwygging, without watching the code.  After a few generations of page changes, the code can be so complex that it's often times impossible to twease out the main structure.

That is what we liked about Dreamweaver.  That simultaneous top is code, bottom is outpt display.  We have to purchase an editor soon.  Wondering if there are any others that achieve this top is code, bottom is outpt display?

Many, many thanks,

Hi Yunkaa,

I'm not sure what version of FP you were looking at, 2003 fully supports split-screen view.

(note - I had to view the video in full screen for some reason...)

You can also run the trial verson online if you don't have access to the 2003 version:

As a web development studio, we end up having to work on a lot of different editors - usually because Client A is used to one in particular and they wish to maintain the site. Both Mark and I have our own favorites. He's partial to DW, and I prefer FrontPage.  As of their latest version (MX and 2003 respectively) I have to say they're both pretty powerful packages that do their jobs well. The main difference is that DW has a very high learning curve, whereas FP is more closely integrated with the Office Environment. This actually works to our benefit as many of our clients use Windows,  so it makes hand-off of the site to them much easier. Usually it's just a day or two training.

Here's a code comparison chart for you:

Ultimately you need to decide which you prefer, which languages and special coding requirements you need to support, etc. But I will say that both DW and FP are excellent, so you can't really go wrong with one or the other.

One last thing - please dont let my ranking in the FrontPage Topic Area sway you :-)


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