vb.net service and dbf file on network share

I've written an window service in vb.net.
It needs to read our dbf files that are stored on a network share, but whenever it runs it says it cant find the file.
it runs fine if the file is on the local machine, but not when i connect it to the live system (on the network share).
i think this is something to do with the dotnet security settings, but can this be changed? and how?

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Usually a Service is executed under the "local System" account.

You need to change this account to your own account or a Service account that has sufficient rights in your network, so it can read the files. The local system wont be allowed to access any network shares (well most likely) You can also do it the other way around and add the local system account from your PC to the network shares.

Hope this helps :)

The question is : which user tries to access the file ?

If your service runs under LocalSystem account, then you cannot see the network shares. You would then have to change the connection settings for your service. If you are inside a domain, you'll have to run the service from an existing user account that is part of the domain, and that have the rights to access the shared folder, where your .dbf file is. You can choose and configure this account in the services panel of the windows control panel.

Of course, you can also create an account only for this task, and fine tune its grants as you wish.

Other point : You cannot access network drives in a service application. Use \\MACHINE\FOLDER\ instead of X:\...


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rpterAuthor Commented:
it was the user access and the network drive.

Thank you.
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