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      I have a datagrid on a form with controls to allow the adding of a new record to the database.  The adding process works fine, except that after I click the Save button, the grid doesn't reflect the new item (if it's on the same page currently shown) unless I flip pages in the datagrid away from and back to that page.  I want to make the grid automatically update itself to show the new record.  Here's my code:


        DBGrid1.DataSource = DS_UserSetup1

     So once the new record is saved to the database, then the dataset is told to accept the changes.  Afterwards, I refill the dataset, reset the datasource for the grid and tell it to bind again.  But this apparently doesn't make the control refresh.  I still have to flip to the next page and then back in the datagrid to see the new record.

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Is the Dataadapter configured to update the Dataset that he is updateing?

Well if you made the DA with a wizzard there is a checkbox that will return the current inserted/Updated row in case you update/Insert data?

Can you post the SQL That the DA is using for the Update?
gleznovAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure exactly what you're wanting - I used the drag-n-drop dataadapter, used the SQL statement mode, if I hit advanced options all three are checked, and if you want the text under properties in the UpdateCommand area, let me know.

Yes that text please :)

After reading my own response i must admit it sounds horrible :)
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'after entering the record clear the datset
then make a new instance
DS_UserSetup1=new dataset()
and then fill the data and bind it to the datagrid

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U have to use the Update method of the DataAdapter.

 Dim myConn As New OleDbConnection(myConnection)
    Dim myDataAdapter As New OleDbDataAdapter()
    myDataAdapter.SelectCommand = New OleDbCommand(mySelectQuery, myConn)
    Dim custCB As OleDbCommandBuilder = New OleDbCommandBuilder(myDataAdapter)


    Dim custDS As DataSet = New DataSet

    ' Code to modify data in DataSet here

    ' Without the OleDbCommandBuilder this line would fail.


    CreateCmdsAndUpdate = custDS

Once u do this u can check whether the dataset has accepted the changes. Then u can use the
datagrid.Datasource = custDS.

U have to do all this within
if Not Page.IsPostback

End if
gleznovAuthor Commented:
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