Deploying an OPOS POS solution

I am getting ready to deploy a hardware POS solution for the first time.  

We are thinking about using the OPOS standard for our Epson printer t88iii
but it seems difficult to figure out how to deploy.

I am lost in regards to how to deploy hardware that can take advantage of OPOS.

If I deploy a sales receipt printer to clients in 48 they all have to have OPOS installed?
That is not feasible. The install is big slow and ugly.

I have the OPOS active X control working (latest version 2.3 Sp5)  that is used for development.
I am able to print to the printer with problem...everything is working great.

However, now I don't know how I can deploy it to my clients.
I figure I have to deploy the Active X ocx control but what else?

Any veteran help is appreciated.

We will be deploying to clients all over the United States so they have to be able to essentially
plug in their printer with very little setup required.

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Here is how we do it in order to install OPOS on a client machine :
* silent install of EPSON OPOS suite (one command in a bat file)
* silent install of Common Control Objects (one command in a bat file)
* import a registry file which contains the correct settings for the EPSON POSPrinter to be used.
* install the client application
-> everything should work now

We know prior the installation what type of POSPrinter will be used. So extra setup isn't needed on the client machine since we use a specific reg-file for this type of POSPrinter.
ferguslogicAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. You are a life saver LOL. I will award you the points but I was hoping you could answer a few more questions for me.

We are also using Epson. We are going to deploy the T88III P which I am very impressed with. What I am not impressed with is Epson's extremely poor support thus far.  I almost switched to STAR to see if their support was better.
I sent them an email 2 days ago with no support thus far and it took them 8 days to setup my epsonexpert account.

I have a couple more questions please..I really appreciate your time.

1) When you say the OPOS you mean the OPOS 2.3 full install?

2) Is this a timely install and do you ever have any hang up problems with it?  

3) I had to install 2.3 and then I had to make a second install on my development box for SP 5.  All in all If I install this silently it appears that this will add 15 megabytes to our installation setup. Does that seem accurate to you?  That is quite a large addition to our installation setup.

4) Whenever you install OPOS 2.3 (the latest at the current time) using a non silent installation the setup will hang if anything at all is running besides OPOS. They even state this in the documentation.  I was just wondering if your clients have had issues with this?

5) Also, can you tell me what you are referring to when you say common control objects?  Are you referring to the ActiveX controls such as POSPrinter and POS Cash Drawer?

6) Is there any sites that you can recommend to get inside information on OPOS beside In other did you guys figure all of this out?  Did someone assist you or was it just a line of trial and error?

Thank you

ferguslogicAuthor Commented:
Oh and just to save me some there anyway that you can send me the silent install batch file content so that I can see how you guys are running it successfully.

If not that is fine and I will just go look it up and test it out...but that would be awesome if you could paste it in.
I'll try to post an answer to your questions :
1. Yes, we're using EPSON OPOS 2.30 suite
2. Never experenienced a problem with the OPOS EPSON install.
3. I really can't tell what's the impact of silent install regarding needed space. I must believe you if you say 15MB extra will be used by this installation type.

We're using the utility WinBatch in order to manage all installations (f.e. OPOS) needed for a new client. By this tool, we can nicely synchronize each installation script (+reboots).

4. We never use non silent installation on a client which needs to be installed.
Purpose of silent install is :
4.1. First do a non silent install and create correct registry file for your devices. This is done during system setup (POS) and parametrisation.
4.2. Use this registry file in a silent install.

5. Common Control Object : ActiveX controls which represent a generic interface to the POS device : POSPrinter, CashDrawer,... The application communicates with control objects. The common control objects are the standard OPOS control objects. EPSON also supplies its own control objects but we use the common control objects since they certainly comply with the OPOS standard.
The 'Service Object' contains the device specific functionality.
Take a look at the 'OPOS-site' :
Here you'll find all OPOS info + mailing list

Hope this helps.

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