Do I need 2 network card and 2 fixed IP address to set up a VPN server?

When I set up my VPN server on Windows 2003 Server, it said I need to have 2 network cards.  Ok, I installed another network card and configured the VPN server.  I have a fixed IP in my office and the Netscreen firewall is between the VPN server and the internet.  The firewall use the IP of and the server has to use inorder to work with Netscreen firewall.  Do I need to type in my real IP for the network cards? Right now, I have it on auto.  If I type in the real IP then it will have conflict with the firewall setup.  Also, I have 2 network cards, so I need 2 fixed IP for the 2 network cards?  I am really confused!  What is the proper procedure to set up a VPN.  I have checked the Microsoft documentation and it's not covered.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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No, you don't need two NICs if you have a router or firewall. this may help. quoted from

How to setup VPN on w2k server with one NIC

Symptoms: When attempting to create VPN on w2k server with one NIC, you may receive "You have chosen the last available connection as the Internet connection. A VPN server required that one connection be used as the private network connection" if you select the NIC.

1. You should highlight No internet connection instead of the NIC or LAN connection.
2. You may try "Manually configured server option".


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internet  <->   router  <->  sub net <->  Vpn server


That will work ok, but because you don't have real internet ip on the server you will need to have your router do port forwarding

port 1723  
rickyfungAuthor Commented:
As you know I have a Netscreen firewall and the ports opened are 21,23,25,110,80.  Can I use one of these ports instead of 1723 ?  Can I configure this in the VPN Server?
rickyfungAuthor Commented:
So, how do I configure the VPN to use let say port 25 instead of 1723?
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