Putting online PHP/MySQL app on to a cd/dvd

I have an online document archive that is currenltly powered by php web pages interacting with a MySQL database. I have been asked to put this document archive on cd or dvd for use by individuals who are not online. What is the best way to implement this? Is it even possible without a tremendous amount of re-coding? Any thoughts and comments on this is greatly appreciated...

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you know mysql is a exe file which runs as service ..
and to run php files you need to have a web server..

i guess you need to convert all data to html .. so when 1 opens cd and press to html file its pure data.. (he can never run php ,connect to mysql give responses etc.. )

maybe you can use a progam like "teleport pro"  to get your all info on local files maybe it can help..

or as an extreme way : there is a linux called knpoppix which opens your computer directly from cd rom which can run apache php mysql all together.. you can use your files on a mix cd like that.. then ppl who takes the cd reboot their computer with that cd they see your site when they close it all back ..

beeman000Author Commented:
I realize those things about php and mysql. So i guess my question is: What is the best technology to use to create a searchable document archive on CD?

The teleport pro wouldn't work, because they are dynamic PHP pages.

I will look into the knoppix suggestion.

There are few ways to do it:

1. If you don't want ANY or almost none re-coding to do. You can create a bootable CD (Knoppix is good) with Web server, PHP and Mysql installed and configured to store any possible temp files on RAM disk.
The disadvantage is that your client have to boot from that CD in order to use it.

2. If you don't want ANY or almost none re-coding to do. Convert all dynamic pages to static pages (Teleport Pro solution). The advantage is that this solution is simple and will not require Knoppix/bootable CD, webserver and many other configuration issues. The disadvantage is that you can not use it if you have search option or some other interactive parts.

3. You can convert all data to some other format (MS Help, for example), but that will require special coding and tools to be created.
The advantage is that will be most flexible format so your client can run it without any separate booting, messing and it will be native as Help in Windows.

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