I have a report that is to be run for 10 states and after I run it and send it to the user , the user has to mail it through fedex to the 15 differernt states, within 2 days. Is there something that I could do (some people talk about web reporting etc..) so that the process of mailing within  2 days does not fall on the user..
Currently I am using sql and VB to produce the report in excel format ; I have scheduled  the report as a job that runs on a specific day of very month.. Kindly let me know what are my options… and the issues involved in it…
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If you have it in Excel why not email it?  

You can get VB to build an email using Outlook and send to each person in turn (including your attachment).  

A little security can be added by giving the Excel file a password that is required to open it (though cracking this isn't out of the question, it justs prevents a casual attempt).


Web reporting is also an option assuming you have a webserver to do it from but if the report content is confidential you will have to set up security (logins/passwords) or use encrypted 'keys' or something to ensure only those that should see the report do.

Sara_j_11Author Commented:
yes the report is very confidential . Can u pl. tell me more about use encrypted 'keys' or something to ensure only those that should see the report do.
This is the procedure that I us to save the file to an excel format. Can u pl. pate the code for emailing it using security so that I can follow you better?

Private Sub WriteExcelReport(ByVal sFileName As String)
   'remove_file (sFileName)
     'Create a new instance of Excel
   Dim oExcel As Object
   Dim oBook As Object
   Dim oSheet As Object
   Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
   Dim numberOfRows As Integer
   Dim rowNumber As Integer
   Dim x As Integer
   Dim Varchar As String
   Dim Varchar1 As String
   Dim aseries As String
   'Open the text file
   Set oBook = oExcel.Workbooks.Open(sFileName)

   'Save as Excel workbook and Quit Excel
   oBook.SaveAs sFolderLoc & "\G-Reports_" & Format(Now, "mm""-""dd""-""yyyy") & ".xls", xlWorkbookNormal
   Set oExcel = Nothing
    remove_file (sFileName) 'this removes the csv file so that I only  see  the excel file
End Sub

Sara_j_11Author Commented:
I am just an intern in the company that I am working for.. COuld you pl. suggest some articcles to read about web server (web reporting)

If the contents are very confidential then email isn't really secure.  

There are things you can do to encrypt the file or the contents before sending it via email but the users at the other end would have to decrypt them again.

A web-based solution sounds better to me (you get to retain all the control of the data - they come to you for it) but I don't do those sort of developments so I can't suggest how best to proceed.  We'd hire a third party to handle something like this.

I am sure other will know the relevant links for you.

Good luck

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