Windows 2000 Virtual Memory / Paging File


On my Win2k web server box I have 2 drives. The machine has 2 hard-drives - c:\ which is 4gb and d:\ which is 35gb. It has 2gb of RAM. Error messages started to show telling me I haven't got enough virtual memory -

"Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file"

and on a reboot, telling me that there is no paging file set giving instructions on how to increase the size of this file.

I've tried allsorts of combinations in the Virtual Memory screen and currently I have the values for c:\ blank and the values for d:\ pretty high but these messages go still show - to the extent that now I can hardly open Windows Explorer without getting the above Windows warning.

So I suppose my question is how can I make Windows see that I want to use the paging file on the d drive and not on the c drive?

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Hi weerdboil,
Well its easy ...... right click on my computer and say properties .....
then goto the advance tab ...... then to performence settings....
then you will get a option at virtual memory and a button that says change .....
click on change and it will bring a screen up that asks for minimum and maximum ...... change both to the same ..... I usualy use 1500 MB for min and max

hope this will solve your problem
Sorry ..... umh ... mis read your question .... well go into the change settings
then you will see 2 hardrives ..... just click on the second hard drive ..... and put the initial values as above in  for the hardrive ....
you can also put on the c drive ..... but I usealy only put on the second drive ..... It depends if you have 2 hardrives or if you have 2 partitions ....

Just remember when you change the values to click on "SET" Button
uhm.... just want to know do you have 2 hard drives or 2 partitions ????


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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
agree beware if you have no/small page file on the system drive then you get loads of errors cause the system cannot create a dump file without one

1. You must be logged in as either the Administrator or a user with administrative privileges. If you alter the Page File and after a reboot find the settings have not changed. boot the PC into safe mode and log on as "Administrator"

2. Either Right Click My Computer and select Properties  and select the "Advanced" Tab. Under the Performance heading click settings , Select the "Advanced" Tab and click "Change"  OR Press Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > Advances > Settings >Change

3. You can now enter you new page file requirements. Ensure you Press "Set"

4. ***Points to consider***

    a. Your page file should be AT LEAST twice the size of your physical RAM
    b. It is considered good practice to set the Maximum and Minimum Sizes the same
        (This prevents fragmentation of the page file)
    c. If you have more than one Hard Drive place the Page File on the fastest drive.
    d. If possible put the Page file on a drive that is on a separate IDE controller.
    e. If possible mount the page file on a different drive to the operating system, or a different partition or

5. If It still doesn't work try looking at this article;en-us;q259151

6. For some further reading see


Not leaving a part of page file on your boot volume means your system cannot create a crash dump file (memory.dmp) for more info see
Configuring Page Files for Optimisation and Recovery

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