Need help with programming Threads


I have a program that uses a FTPClient to ftp to a remote server. While it is connected, there are a lot of transactions that need to take place and there is a risk that the connection could timeout...which would be bad. I need to create a thread that sends the NOOP command to the server (on an interval) while the processissing is going on and then when the processing is finished the thread will be joined/stopped/whatever...

Here is what I have:

In class Processor:
// Start new NoOp thread
ALNoop noop = new ALNoop(ftp);
Thread t = new Thread(noop);

// Determine status and find waiting claims

// Rejoin the NoOp thread
if (t.isAlive()) {

In class ALNoop:
public class ALNoop extends Thread {
  FTPClient ftp = null;
  boolean keepRunning = true;

  public ALNoop(FTPClient ftp) {
    runningInstance = new ALNoop();
    this.ftp = ftp;

  public void finish() {
    keepRunning = false;

  public void run() {
    keepRunning = true;
    while (keepRunning) {
      try {
      } catch (Exception ex) {
      if (keepRunning) {
        try {
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {

The code above was just an attempt to get something working. I want the thread to be stopped once the processing is complete and I don't want to wait if the thread is currently sleeping or waiting. While attempting to do this, on the wait or notify (can't remember which) I have run into an error that says something about not the current owner of the thread.

Any suggestions...
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>>I have run into an error that says something about not the current owner of the thread.

You need to call wait from a synchronized block

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... and notify for that matter. This is similar to the classic producer/consumer problem. See
emartin24Author Commented:
I had previously read through the producer/consumer example, but still needed some direction. Can you explian/show an example of the synchronized block?
Actually, i thought of an easier way - you can use a synchronized method to access the client and use that whenever you need it to do anything. A java.util.Timer could get a reference and send a NOOP. That way you don't need to worry about semaphores
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