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Centrino's L2 Cache

I'm researching buying a laptop. I want the centrino mainly because it has an L2 Cache of 1024mb. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I know that it also has a chipset intel 855 i think. I know it comes with in built wireless card. I also know that it saves power.
My Questions.
1. Are there any other advantages over like a Pentium 4 ....3.0 Ghz HYper T?
2. Are there any advantages over a Pentuim M 4?
3. Because i dont care about battery life and i already have a card for wireless internet. I want to know if any of these other processors come with L2 cache, if yes, what amoutn?
4.My main concern here is ...if any other processor comes with good L2 cache, there is no need for me to buy a centrino.  What amount of L1 Cache does it have and what amoutn does the others have.
5 What is Front side bus?
I'll be generous with points, please break it down to the bone for me.

Thank you.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Make sure you're getting the right CPU, centrino, as far as I recall was always the P3 Mobile.  It only has 512K L2 Cache.  The Pentium M (not Pentium 4-M) has the 1024 L2 Cache.

Centrino is a system, not a processor, consisting of a Pentium-M cpu, Intel 855 chipset, and wireless access: http://developer.intel.com/products/mobiletechnology/centrino/index.htm?iid=ipp_dlc_pentiumm+cmt&

Pentium-M's come in two flavors: Banias and Dothan.  Banias has a speed from 1.3 to 1.7GHz and 1MB L2 cache, and Dothan has a speed of 1.5 to 2.1GHz and up to 2MB L2 cache.  http://developer.intel.com/products/notebook/processors/pentiumm/index.htm
mrperfect75000Author Commented:
Thank you guys, So basically, all i want is a pentium M cos it has the L2 cashe too. So therefore, correct me if i'm wrong but All the advatanges of the centrino system and it being fast is in the pentium M. So i can get a computer with the Pentium M and be happy. My other question now is whats in the Intell 855 chipset thats so good?

Any advantages or should i just get any notebook with Pentium M and put in my wireless card and have my own self made centrino?
I think the 855 chipset is an important part of pairing up with the Pentium-M: http://techreport.com/reviews/2003q3/pentiumm-1.4ghz/index.x?pg=1  Can one buy a Pentium-M without the 855 chipset and get the advantages?  I don't think so.

The wireless component of Centrino is not that great, so you can go with your own choice there.

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