Boot Error: Winlogon.exe: Entry Point Not Found

HP Laptop ze5607wm.
I'm not sure what the customer was doing when this happened. Result is that on boot, the following occurs:
"Boot Error: Winlogon.exe: Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entrypoint AssocGetReceivedType could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll"
This is followed by:
"The user logon interfaceDLL msgina.dll failed to load."

Already Googled it and came up with some possible corrupted files:
"Rename the winlogon.exe, shell32.dll, msgina.dll and shlwapi.dll files to *.old"

Customer can't find OS Recovery disk.
I can boot with an XP of mine to the Console:
Need some leadership from there: Step by step, I've never really gotten into the Console.
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Hello cfourkays =)

Do u have any idea if the user did Windows Update before this happened ??
if Yes then check here,

"Logon User Interface DLL Msgina.dll failed to load" error message after you install the MS04-003 security update

Also if u can try, try system restore from command prompt,

HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt in Windows XP:

If these can work, then great, otherwise post back and we will try to rename these files and expand the original files from XP CD !! =\
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Neither of these are workable.
Booting to any command will bring the above error.
I finally got the OS disk from the user so direct me from there.
I can get to the Recovery Console "C:\WINDOWS>" prompt or I suppose I could try to reinstall XP on top of itself.
Suggestions before I proceed?
Also, isn't there a way to use System Restore from the recovery Console?????
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Never mind the last Q.
Just found this on a Longhorn Blog Wish List:


My first wish (even though not most important) is System Restore support from the Recovery Console. System Restore is a very useful feature that allows you to save and later restore system state (important system files, including registry). Unfortunately, you cannot restore the system from the Recovery Console. In other words, this means that is you hose your system so bad that you can’t even boot, you can’t use System Restore. In order to use it you have to be able to boot. Sometimes, this just isn’t possible.

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>> I finally got the OS disk from the user so direct me from there.
Are these the Recovery Cds or standard WinXP CD which has the i386 folder on it ??

Also can u confimr one thing for me,,,, had this user an i386 folder on his C: drive... coz if the hard drive has this folder, we can use the 6 Boot Floppies of XP in order to run Winnt.exe from this folder to do a repair in XP and we will not need the CD !!

and Yes u are right,,,, unfortunately system restore cannot be done from RC =\
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
"Also can u confimr one thing for me,,,, had this user an i386 folder on his C: drive"
I'm sitting looking at "C:\WINDOWS>" in the Console.
Remember, I admit I'm not familiar with its commands.
Please walk me thru.....
(If Its not GUI, I'm almost lost ;>) )
lol.... ok no problem :)

from C:\Windows write >> cd..
(hit enter)

now type >> cd i386
(hit enter)

does it convert to C:\i386 or gives an error that Directory not found etc etc ??
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Can't find the file, etc.
However, you keep putting the>>'s in.
Remember, my screen looks just like this:


Your instructions: "from C:\Windows write >> cd.."

Would have me looking at:
"C:\WINDOWS>>> cd.." prior to hitting "Enter".

This obviously will return a bad command.
You and I have worked together before, just lead me to the water!

ok im sorry =\

u have to write "cd.." without quotes and hit enter
and then type "cd i386" without quotes and hit enter

if this results in a cannot find directory\file error then it means that u dont have this folder on the system, and we need a Standard XP CD for doing a repair install.... and u are having a standard CD or Recovery CD ?? :)
Here are the steps:;en-us;829786

Winlogon.exe. Entry Point Not Found

1. Use the Windows XP Setup start-up disks or the Windows XP CD-ROM to start your computer.
2. At the "Welcome to Setup" screen, press R, and then press C to start the Recovery Console.
3. Type the number for the appropriate Windows XP installation, and then type the Administrator account password.  
4. Type the following commands, and then press ENTER after each command:

cd \
cd windows\system32
ren winlogon.exe winlogon.old
ren msgina.dll msgina.old
ren shell32.dll shell32.old
ren shlwapi.dll shlwapi.old
cd servicepackfiles\i386
copy MSGINA.DLL c:\windows\system32
copy SHELL32.DLL c:\windows\system32
copy WINLOGON.EXE c:\windows\system32
copy SHLWAPI.DLL c:\windows\system32

Note If the DLL files are not in the Servicepackfiles folder, you must expand these files from the Windows XP installation CD-ROM and copy them to the System32 folder. To expand these files from the Windows XP installation CD, follow these steps: a.  Put the Windows XP installation CD in your CD-ROM or DVD drive.
b.  Type the following commands, and then press ENTER after each command:

expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\MSGINA.DL_ C:\windows\system32
expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\SHELL.DL_ C:\windows\system32
expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\WINLOGON.EX_ C:\windows\system32
expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\SHLWAPI.DL_ C:\windows\system32
cd windows\system32
ren *.dl_ *.dll
ren *.ex_ *.exe
5. Type exit, and then press ENTER.

cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
OK, we're getting somewhere.
From the C:\ prompt, (after cd ..), I get "Access is Denied."
I got into "dir" of the "C" drive and I can find "i386" with a "0" in front. I'm assuming that means there are no files in the "i386" folder of "C: Drive.
How'm I doin'??
Also, they must have been trying to upgrade the SP2 package since the boot screen show the new setup: a blue, not green, progress bar, and no label for "Home Edition."
(See, I'm not a complete dope.)
And I have the full original OS CD. No key #'s, so it's OEM with the machine.
What now, Boss?
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
I saw that KB when I first got the PC.
The only thing that has stopped me from performing that operation is the specific failure.

Even though they're close, this KB has the error: "entry point ""AssocIsDangerous"" could not" ,
while this error is: "entrypoint ""AssocGetReceivedType"" could not".

If you guys feel it doesn't make any diff., I'll go with the steps.
Comments, Sheh?? Or anyone?
look Pete. if u have the Full CD then we can easily try Repairing the system,,, i also checked the MSKB article, but i stopped for the same reason as u pointed out above :-\

So instead of messing with the Recovery Console.... dont u think that its better that we take the safe route and just do a Repair install.... coz if this problem is the result of a failed Sp2 installation.... im afraid that replacing the above files will not gonna work... we need to kick out SP2 from the system and this can be done by a Repair install easily :)

So what do u think?? :)

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cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
I agree now that I got the disc.
So I'm going with the second "R" from the disc and we'll see what happens.
It's doing a setup right now so I'll get back.
Shortly. Before the football game.
yeah good luck.. fingers crossed !! :)
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
While we're waiting, a side question.
Could I have slipstreamed the OEM disk with the SP2 that I already have on a disk from MS. It would have saved going through the whole update. Assuming this repair works.
I've made my own from original XP discs but never from an OEM.
yeah sure, u can use an OEM CD also if it contains the i386 folder :)
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
I just might make one for this lady for the future. This is one of those customer's that lets her teen-age son on with no guidance or controls. Last time it was her Desktop with ME.
Now its her brand new HP laptop.

WELL, It Worked.
Now, I'll do the upgrades, etc., install Ad-Aware, Spybot, Zone Alarm, AVG and give her some free lessons when she picks it up tomorrow.
Thanks, again, Sheh.
And thanks, Matt, for jumping in.
great.... i was waiting to listen back from you,,,,, now i can goto sleep *yawn*
have a good time and Cheers ^_^
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Always good to work with you.
Now I can watch the football game.
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