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Cisco PIX 501 to a Cayman Router/firewall

I wanted to purchase a better firewall than the Cayman 3546.  So I ordered a Cisco PIX 501 firewall.

I have two questions.

1) Can any manufacturer's router be used in the place of antoher?

2) Can a Cisco PIX 501 firewall be connected to Cayman 3546 router/firewall?

3) Should I just buy a Cisco router/firewall?

Thanks in advance,
1 Solution
1.  Yes, as long as it supports the physical interfaces and provides the features you need.

2.  Yes, the PIX can be connected to the Cayman 3546 router/firewall.  The PIX will connect via ethernet.

3.  No, I'd recommend the PIX over a Cisco router running the firewall feature set.
Agree with my esteemed colleague JFrederick29..with some additional comments:

1. Basically, yes, as long as the only function needed is to pass packets from the WAN interface to the LAN interface, or provides other basic functions. If you are doing some advanced routing like dual WAN ports for failover/load balancing, or using route-maps, advanced NAT, VPN features, BGP routing updates, connecting to T1/Et, ISDN dial backup, etc, then in this case not just any router can replace it. Routers are not generic by any means and you must pick the one that suits your needs and your physical connectivity.
2. You may not need the Cayman at all. What type physical interface is your WAN feed? If it is Ethernet to a broadband modem, then there is no reason to have it there at all
3. No. The PIX was designed ground up to be a great firewall - to block unwanted packets. A router was designed for one purpose - to pass packets from one interface to another as fast as possible. Adding the firewall features to the router makes it a kludge--in my opinion..

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