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Fonts & Outlook 2003

Can you change the font when viewing messages in the Reading pane?  If so, where, I cant find this setting to save my life.
1 Solution
Hi jessnjeff,

try here
open OL
go to inbox
go to view > current view > customize current view > other settings and change there

I agree with you Jeff.

There appears to be no way to alter the reading pane except via the options of TOOLS - OPTIONS - PERFERENCES - EMAIL OPTIONS - and then tick "Read all standard mail in plain text"

This also appears to affecct the reading pane, but no other options are given.
You can change the font that plain text messages are displayed in by clicking TOOLS->OPTIONS->MAIL FORMAT tab->FONTS botton and change the setting when reading plain text messages.

If you are talking about RTF or HTML messages then no, you cannot change the font.  It was chosen by the creator/sender and you are seeing what they wanted you to see, including font, font size, font color, bold/italic, the whole shebang.
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I'm still not sure what the actual problem was (html, rtf, or plain text viewing) and what the actual solution was.  While I'm not arguing the solution, I just think you should make it clear what the problem and the solution was for posterity and the PAQ.
jessnjeffAuthor Commented:
The solution is that it can't be done.  I am talking about the VIEW in the Reading pane.
Well meintsi described how to view all messages in plain text, and I described how to choose what font the plain text message was displayed in.  So if you are talking about plain text then it is doable.  

If you are talking about leaving the messages in HTML or RTF and changing then font, which cannot be done, then I am the one who addressed that issue by informing you that it is not possible.  So I'm just curious about the acceptance.  I'm not trying to make a ruckus, I was just confused by the logic behind the acceptance.
Actually it can be changed but only 5 choices.
It's the same settings as in IE6 text size.
In fact the setting in the preview pane will cause IE6 to also choose the same setting the next time you use IE.

To change the text size in the preview pane - Right click in the grey border around the preview pane and you will have a text size option.

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