Circular faxing?

I hope this is a simple question.

Small LAN with SBS 2003.  Server and Fax Modem in network closet.  Fax machine in lobby area to be used for outgoing paper faxes and scanning.  Both the fax modem and the fax machine share a single dedicated analog fax line, but are connected to the line through their own individual jacks at two different spots in the building.  

All fax functions are working properly except when the client attempts to fax out a paper fax via the traditional fax machine, the modem on the server picks up the line, and delivers/prints it as if it were an incoming fax.  

I know there must be some sort of simple line sharing device to prevent this, but I'm not sure what to use.  Any ideas?  Is it possible that there's a software adjustment for this?

Modem is a USRobotics V.92 standard issue $99 CompUSA model.

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Rather than post a thousand links, fire up Google and type, "Line Share".

There are tons of devices available for this use - I've used them before and they work well.

This is one I've personally used:


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RussianblueAuthor Commented:
Rather than critique my posting habits, which for the record include a total of TWO places, EE and MS Supported Newgroup, the former of which I have been a subscribing member for 2 years and use very sparingly to find quick answers (see my question history)...

Oh yeah, the answer to the question since it's why we're here.  It's actually very good.  I can probably pick up one of these devices at Radio Shack.

if it works you get full points.

For the record, I DO use google and make a habit of searching thoroughly before ever posting a question.  In this case, i made the mistake of typing in "fax line sharing", instead of the more appropo "line share".  So either I'm an idiot or google searching IS in fact somewhat of a subjective skill.

thanks for the answer and happy e-policing.
Whoa...chill dude...

I couldn't remember the name of those devices either - when I Googled it surprised me that there are so many devices available.  At the time I used the one I linked to, it was all I could find.

Rather than send you a thousand links that you could find yourself, I simply let you know how I found them - no smart ass remarks were intended.  If I wanted to be sarcastic, I would have stopped my answer after that.

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RussianblueAuthor Commented:
Oops.  I shouldn't have flown off the handle like that. I misunderstood and I apologize. I appreciate your input, seriously.

I'll give those folks in Canada a shout to see how long it'd take to get me one of those.

Thanks again and I AM sorry!

Do lose any sleep over it - i suspected there was some communication failure there... :o)

Where are you located (generally)?  There may be a distributor closer to you.

I know about these devices I linked you to, but that doesn't mean there isn't something else better or more readily available in your location - I can only vouch for these devices personally.  I can assist you more if you want to nail down something closer to you.

Oops..."Do lose any sleep"  hehe.... I meant, "Don't lose any sleep..."  I need typing lessons!  Sorry 'bout that.
RussianblueAuthor Commented:
I'm in Charlotte, NC.  Would love to be able to order something online from a typical parts house or pick one up locally at a Radio Shack or something.  These things are bound to be readily available.  The catch is that I DO want to get the $20 or less version, vs. a full on switch-type solution, which is unnecessary.  I checked the Radio Shack website, but didn't find anything right away.  Definitely doesn't mean they don't carry it.  I wonder if I can pick one up at home depot?   Wouldn't be at all surprised these days.

How about one of these stores?

Frys -
Best Buy -
Circuit City -

Frys is absolutely huge....I shopped there in San Jose when on training from Canada.  It blew me away - it was so big.

RussianblueAuthor Commented:
Ended up going with the $6.95 option on this site.

Seems to be working just fine with the exception of Caller ID info being blocked.  In this situation it's not such a big deal, but might be for some folks.  Talked to the support folks at this place and they said that's to be expected SOMETIMES, depending on the strength of the Caller ID signal coming through.

Thanks for the input once again.
Excellent.  Glad to hear you got things working.

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