Windows 2000 DNS Question

I am currently running a windows 2000 AD Domain (, however, I need to install an new tree ( that will use a completely separate namespace.

My question is how do I configure the DC of the new tree, prior to running dcpromo so that it connects seemlessly with the dns server currently residing in

I need to get the new setup in place by close of play tomorrow, and therefore I have attached five hundred point due the the urgency!
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When you have the new server setup (before DCPROMO) - install DNS.
Configure the new Forward Lookup Zone for your domain on this server.
Setup Forwarding to the old DNS server.
Point the server to itself only.
Make sure it gets registered in DNS.
Create another Forward Lookup zone (secondary) that corresponds to your new domain - do this on the DNS server.
Setup DNS on the new domain to do zone transfers to the old DNS server zone.

This should do it.

Carry on with your DCPROMO.

These's links may help you in the future
the first link has a video  = video

good luck davy              
ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback!

One question: Am I correct in assuming that I don't create a forward/reverse lookup zones on my new server that points to itself, i.e.
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ColourgenAuthor Commented:

I followed your steps, and am now getting the following error:

Zone not loaded by DNS Server

The DNS server encountered an error while attempting to load the zone............ ANY IDEAS?
Sorry for the delay.

A few Q's..

What server is giving the errors?

You need to create Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones on the new server that are Authoritative for your new Domain, yes.

Make sure that the server has the correct DNS suffix of, the DNS setting on the NIC points to itself and it is set to register in DNS.

Let's start from the beginning and get one thing at a time working.
1)  Remove the secondary zone you created on the original DNS server.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but is a child domain to - where is this root domain?  
If you want, where is  Does it exist?

2)  If you create a new Forward Lookup Zone on the new server for and your server has the correct DNS suffix, when you stop and restart the Netlogon service on that server does it register in DNS locally?

ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Hello [172.24.128.*/] is the root domain. The dns server [] resides of the RDC. is the name used on the internet. [172.24.130.*/] is the new domain. This time the dns server [] will reside on the DC. Company2 will be the na,e used on the Internet.
ColourgenAuthor Commented:

[1] The server that is giving the error is the dns server in
I see, now it's making more sense.

This is why Microsoft doesn't recommend your Active Directory namespace be a registered Domain causes your internal namespace to extend onto the Internet and makes local AD-related activity a little more challenging to contain.

So, the root domain for is living where?  I'm not sure what RDC refers to.

Any result from 2) above?

ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Sorry! I'll start again

As you pointed out Microsoft recommends separating namespace. Therefore, the setup I have is as follows:

I have one AD domain [] that has one primary dns server that resides on the root domain controller. For all dns requests that cannot be resolved internally they are forwarded to our firewall (a sidewinder G2) that runs a split level dns server for resolution. The external namespace is

Everything with this set up works great!

The problem I have is that I need to create an additional tree [] because the namespace will be different.

I want to configure the new dns server for so that it has a bi-directional link with the dns server that already exists in, so that I can then run dcpromo and add the new domain controller in as a member of the existing forest.

NOTE: By RDC I meant Root Domain Controller - Top of the tree so to speak.

Eventually, the new server [] will be moved to another location and will reside behind a firewall, however, for the time beginning I have connected it to the existing lan []
ColourgenAuthor Commented:

From an internal point of view id the root domain
OK, a better picture now!  :o)

Separate namespace is still not occuring - but you have it working in one case.  Remember, the ROOT domain of is - which is a registered PUBLIC namespace - so the AD and public still share the namespace.  Just wanted to clear that up a bit - it's not technically incorrect, just not MS recommended.


On your new server, create the new Forward Lookup Zone -
Right-click this zone after you create it and select Properties.
On the General Tab, make the zone Active Directory Integrated.
Dynamic Updates should be Secure only.
On SOA tab, make sure your SOA is ""
On Name Servers tab, make sure "" is listed with the right IP - no other servers yet.
Unless you are using WINS, skip the WINS tab.
Zone transfer will be used later, for now leave it unchecked.

Right-click the servername in DNS, select Properties, the the Forwarders tab.  For now, set Forwarding to your other DNS server only.

Make sure DNS suffix for your new server is and the NIC properties of DNS only point to itself.  Reboot the server - to clean up everything and register with it's own DNS.

Check to make sure it registered with itself in DNS.



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ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for the feedback

I followed the following recommendation by microsoft when setting up the dns naming convention:

I can't make it active directory integrated because I haven't run dcpromo. The reason I haven't do that is becasue I need the dns link in first so that i can connect to the existing forest dns server [], and subsequently have the new server made part of the existing AD domain.
Again, sorry for the delay - car repairs and dentist today!


Gotcha - Can't AD integrate - bad.

Here's what we can do in the interim to get you working enough to do a DCPROMO then we can tune up your DNS once it's up.

Do this on the new server:

In LMHOSTS (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc.) enter the name of the server that is hosting and it's IP.
In HOSTS enter the Domain name and give it the IP of the DC.
In HOSTS enter the FQDN of the DC also -

LMHOSTS.SAM is a template.  Open it in Notepad, make your additions then save it as LMHOSTS (no extension).
HOSTS can be edited the same way - be careful when saving as it might add the extention of .txt if you aren't watching.

Now you should be able to DCPROMO since it can effectively find the other domain and DC by name and IP.

ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Good Morning!

Don't worry about the delay, I really apprecaite the help.

I've followed the steps above, yet when I try and ping by ip or name, I get no repsonse! Any ideas?

ping intiated from: /
ping destination: /
How are these two networks connected?  

What are you using for a gateway for the new server?

Can the gateway pass ICMP?

I will be away from the computer for awhile today - again.  Keep asking!


ColourgenAuthor Commented:
Thank god for that!!! The problem was down to the DNS configuration on the firewall, the routing between the two subnets wasn't working correctly.
Perfect!  I knew it had to be simple.

Glad you're off and running.
I'm all ears!  Well...not ALL ears! :o)
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