PC Speaker instead of Sound Card

Hello everyone,

My configuration is as follows:
Win2k Server
2 sound cards
    1. Altec Sound Card
    2. On Board Dell Sound card (optiplex 300)

Just installed BVRP Classic Phone Tools with my 56K Soft Touch modem

Now my sound goes through my pc speaker and neither sound card works when I plug in the speaker wire.

Anybody have any suggestions where to start looking to fix this problem?
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I think that the problem is that the modem stole the IRQ of the active sound card.  What might work is to remove/disable the sound cards, then install/enable on of them to let Windows offer it a different IRQ.  Should be fine.
For limited IRQs, you may want to disable onboard sound card in BIOS and then do what nihlcat suggested.


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look under :start>control panel>sound and audio, select the audio tab, and look if the right audio player is selected
probably the modem is selected by installing the   >>>>  Just installed BVRP Classic Phone Tools with my 56K Soft Touch modem    <<< so select standard windows or appropriate device

savvy95Author Commented:
Wesly Chen,

I tried what you suggested and you are RIGHT ON.  Thanx,  You're worth your weight in points.

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