How do I populate a DB2 database using ColdFusion.


I developed a CF application using MS Access as backend database.  Now, our DBAs build the database in DB2 so we could migrate from Access to DB2.  The DB2 database for now, only contains the tables.  The DBA told me that I am supposed to be the one to populate the tables by using coldfusion.

Let say I have 3 tables in  MS Access that currently have records of 60, 300, 600.  I want to move all of these records at the same time to the tables in DB2, Should I do a select first and then do an insert?  Please guide me.   I already have the datasource in DB2.

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1.  create another source in MS Access
2.  Create the necassary tables in MS Access (use the CREATE TABLE syntax)
3.  Like you said, use select statement to query the db2 table and put that into the MS Access
4.  Then using that data, do an insert into the MS Access

that is basically what you need to do and your right, you do have the idea.
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
no wait, the data is coming from MS Access and going to IBM/DB2.  The tables in IBM/DB2 are already done but has no data.  Now my job, is to move the records from Access tables to the tables in IBM/DB2.

How do i do that using coldfusion. I mean do I have to do a SELECT then INSERT.  Please, if there is anyone out there, I need help.
1st ensure that no one else is using the DB2 system

2nd set up a datasource in CF admin to the DB2 system

3) set up tables in DB2 that mirror the tables in access

4) Determine any relationships between tables in acces  (such as if one is orders and another order details)

5) Move over any tables that are not related to the others using a simple SELECT and INSERT process

6) Select each record that does have multiple relations in other tables and write an insert to create those as new records in DB2.
This needs to be done with a loop over one record at a time to ensure that keys match back up since they may end up different in your DB2 if they were autonumber columns...

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mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mrichmon.  I'm still working on this
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hi Mrichmon,

I don't know what to do, is it possible to show me an example of the solution please.

The tables/structures are already setup in DB2.  I just have to put the data that is still sitting in MSAccess.

For Example: the Appt table has

<cfquery name="fromMSData" datasource="MSdatasource">
SELECT * from Appt

<cfquery datasource="ComStat">
      INSERT INTO tAppointment(
      VALUES #Trim(ApptID)#,

Basically you have it.  Just wrap the query inside a cfloop to go through all of the rows in the query pulled from access.

THe other thing as I mentioned is that if you have foreign keys or other relationships - make sure you join those tables, pull the complete records , and reinsert since the UID fields may change if they are autonumbers in access...
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hi Mrichmon,

What does it mean when they say "set up a native datasource"?  Would you please give an example?

When who says that?  Who is the "they" and what database are we talking about the access one or the db2 one?
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hello Mrichmon,

My IT Dept requires me to use a native datasource, well i have been reading i think they mean to put it in the Application.cfm.  But how many datasources can you include in the Application.cfm?

I am not sure what they mean by that....
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hello Mrichmon,

I got it!  I created a native DB2 data source (in CFAdmin).  I do have a problem connecting though and sadly I can't find a solution.  Sometimes it connects but 80% it is not connected and it is very hard to test my queries.  The database is in linux.  Based on reading other problems posted over the Internet, it is a CFMX issue and there is no solution from macromedia.  

If you know anything, please help me.
Sorry I don't.....
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