I was wondering what the UCEARCHIVE folder in the VSI 1 folder is for....

I was wondering what the UCEARCHIVE folder in the VSI 1 folder is for....   I don't remember it being there and I am wondering if maybe my security was comprimised.


are the 4 folders in my VSI 1 folder....  please advise.  Thanks!
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These folders exist as part of the SMTP service in IIS/Exchange and the UCEArchive is used by the intelligent message filter(IMF) from Microsoft.   If you find mail in your UCEArchive that you want delivered, drag it to the PICKUP folder.  The BADMAIL folder contains undeliverable mail and the QUEUE folder is self-explanatary.  THe UCEArchive and BADMAIL folders can grow rather quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on them and implement some maintenance regimen.

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here is one more and down at the bottom in "setting the threshhold" you see UCEARCHIVE and more scattered thru this good article.

This this a useful post. we have encountered a problem of unwatched badmail and UCArchive for years just recently, now all are taken care of by just running a DOS command  to delete the contents in those two particular folders and we were able to save a pretty good amount of disk space. Not only that, but also it significantly improved the  daily network backup speed.

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