File download box when opening files accross network????

Hello everyone, I have 2 servers here.  
SERVER1 is a file server and SERVER2 is a terminal server that users connect to remotly.  While a user is logged into server2 via terminal services, they have  a mapped drive M:\  When they try to run program M:\EXECUTE.EXE they get a prompt to OPEN or SAVE the file as if they were downloading it from a web page.  If they hit open the program opens fine and runs.  I need to get rid of this open dialog box!  Anyone got any ideas?

Things Ive tried:

Mapping the drive like so; (target)
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try adding the ip address of the server to the list of intranet sites in explorer security settings

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you'll need to add it this way \\(server ip address)... internet explorer will change it to the file format...
janderson2kAuthor Commented:
KAIN21, if you look at what I wrote I tried that...
janderson2kAuthor Commented:
Whops KAIN, I didnt understand you, sorry.
no problem... if you look in the bottom right hand corner of the explorer window when you open the file share on the other computer it will tell you what zone the computer believes it is in... more than likely it is saying it is in the internet zone and some security setting that is applied to this zone is causing the behavior... if you add the ip address and servername to the intranet zone then explorer will apply more leanient policies... open internet option under the tools menu in internet explorer... click the security tab, highlight local intranet, click sites, click advanced and add \\(server ip address) and \\(server name) ...
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