missing data in crystalreportviewer- CE 8.5 java sdk

I am using crystal enterprise 8.5 java sdk. When viewing a particular report( this report has several subreports)
one of the subreports does not show any data..
when i export this i can see data in the PDF file.

 I can also see the data when I preview it in CMC and when i run the report in crystal reports  i can see the data.
Viewer is causing the problems I think.
ANy ideas
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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have conditional formatting that in the viewer would make the text color white on white?

Do you see empty space in the viewer where the data should be?
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you still missing the data if you REFRESH thereport while viewing it?

maverickxxAuthor Commented:
yes i am still missing data when i refresh the report
maverickxxAuthor Commented:
I solve dthe problem. Problem was with crystal reports. one of the subreports had a format field
"can grow unchecked" this caused the viewer not to dispay th eresult(i wonder why)
I could see data in CMC , in the export off the crystalreportviewer and in the crystal reports
but not in Viewer
any i have decided to split the points betwwen the people who responded
(frodoman and mlcc) thanks guys for trying
Glad i could help

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