Backup to internal IDE drive

I have a server right now that has a SCSI hard drive set for the OS & the database date.  I would like to add a promise IDE card to the server & then just use a batch file to make an exact nightly copy of the data.  A few questions I have:

1) Can I have both the IDE & the SCSI going at the same time?  (both would have their own controller cards)
2) Does anyone know of a way to make a batch script to copy all changed data to a folder on the IDE drive based on the day it is.  (for example, IDE drive is F:.  For Monday's backup, it would go to MONDAY folder, Tuesday to TUESDAY...etc...etc...etc.
3) If not, is there any problem with running 6 batch files (one per night)
4) Does Windows NT 4.0 server have a built in Scheduled Tasks function?  (To run the batch scripts)
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rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
Also, what kind of overhead would the batch file create if I had it run in the middle of the day?

I am thinking about having this sort of batch file setup going:

1 batch file to run at midnight each night that copies all changed data from the main SCSI drives to IDE drive #1, then during the day, have a second batch file copy all data from IDE drive #1 to IDE drive #2.  (I may just end up doing RAID, but could do this option for free).  Let me know if that would work
You can have both a scsi and ide device in the same machine.  The scheduler function is (AT)  you can type AT /? for more info at a command prompt.  

AT command

Advanced batch file examples including using days of the week

However I would suggest you have some kind of removable backup.  To give you an example I had a server which experienced an electrical problem that took out my scsi backplane and all the drives.  

Hope this helps

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rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
We have a tape for the vital data...we just want this for use with day to day files that aren't 100% essential, but still would be good to have backed up from people "accidently deleting" something.

So, I can schedule the AT function?
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The AT function is the scheduler.  Check out the link above.

AT \\SERVER 21:00 /EVERY:S CMD /C "C:\Program Files\Tape\TapeBackup.cmd"

would run the command tapebackup.cmd every saturday at 9:00pm
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
So I just type that in once, and then it stores it somewhere?

So, I would just type in 6 times with the various batch file names & then it would be good to go?

Is there a backup program that is free/cheap that would be better to use?  (I basically just want an incremental backup with file-for-file (no bkf file etc)
I was thinking the same thing.  I use a freeware program called polder backup and just do incremental backups during the day to a removable firewire drive.

It's a very good program you can donate a little $$ to the author if you like it but you don't have to.
you can use robocopy (part of windows 2000 resource kit, should also work on NT - Robocopy definitely will work) to do different backup jobs with all kinds of options. I have done something similar as what you need. If you need my batch file as an example, I can send it to you.
I forgot to mention syncback which is another awsome freeware program that does a straight copy backup.

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