how to simulate disk full or create a very large file

I need to simulate a disk full scenario.  I need to have my system think that the hard drive is full.  
Only problem is I have 200 gigs of free disk space.  Can anyone think of a way to easily and quickly create
a very large file (199 gigs)?
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Why don't you create a secondary partition of say 20 mb and use that for your testing.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Or how about using a 3.5 inch diskette for your testing?  That won't be so hard to fill.

199 gigs.  That's the Compact install for Windows XP isn't it? ;)

btw If you totally fill your hard drive Windows will crash horribly and not have enough space to get itself going again.
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kevinvw1Author Commented:
ok, I have more info regarding this issue.  Sorry I was not fully informed when I first posted the question.  I am raising the points for my lack of info.

This issue is related to a canned application which I do not have the source code for.  It is in a production environment so I can't mess with partitions, move it to smaller drive, etc., etc.  The canned application has a bug in it that returns a disk full message when you have TOO MUCH free disk space (that's some quality programming for you).  It only returns this message when you are trying to run a maintenance on the application's database files.  So what I wanted to do is 'fool' the application into thinking that the hard drive has less disk space available.  Apparently I only need to get down to about 20 gigs free.  I guess i could create a loop that populates a text file with data, but this would probably take a while and I'm not sure if windows could even handle a ~180gig file?  I guess i could create 180 1 gig text files....
Copy a movie DVD onto your hard-drive.  That's a good 3/4 gigs.  

You could then either write code to use the FileSystemObject to copy the directory over and over, or just manually copy it with Explorer and keep putting the copies inside each other so that each copy is then of several and so on.  It'll grow expotentially

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kevinvw1Author Commented:
In retrospect, this was a pretty weak question and I did not clarify myself.  I will try and come up with better questions for you guys.  I am going to split the points between you guys.  Thanks.
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