LDAP Synchronization

I may have set this up totaly wrong...

I just moved my SLOX server into a DMZ.  Previously the SLOX machine was on the internal network with a pirvate IP address, sending and receiving Internet mail through my firewall.  It was also serving as the networks DNS and PDC (Samba & LDAP).

So, I've moved it out of the internal network into the DMZ.  I configured a different server (SLES 9) on the internal network to serve as a file server using Samba, a domain controller using Samba and a name server.  I also built a new LDAP directory for the internal network, while the mail server in the DMZ has its own LDAP directory.

Is this a good design?  How can I synchronize the LDAP directories accross the DMZ into the internal network without security risks?
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The only safe way would be to push changes in LDAP out to the server in the DMZ.
etherbreezeAuthor Commented:
So, how exactly can I automate this?  The LDAP database on the internal network has everything: BIND data, Samba data, etc...  I really only want the mail server to receive password updates when a user changes their password.  Preferably, I would like for the mail server to receive these updates automatically - Is this just a simple change I make to a schema or conf file?  I would like to avoid using a cron job if possible...
It won't be simple unless you are willing to compromise security by opening the firewall between the internal LDAP server and the machine in the DMZ so that the DMZ LDAP server could be a replica. The alternative to that would be something that runs from cron, detects the changes in LDAP, and interacts with the DMZ LDAP server to apply those updates.

Personally I'm not a big fan of having mail server's in a DMZ. In a corporate environment there's a risk of exposure of sensitive information if the server gets compromised and most organizations are pretty dependent on mail. So a server that exposed could be more easily penetrated and bought down.

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