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Unable to open a file.

extern"C" {

struct account
 char *name;
 float cur_exp,prev_debit, prev_credit;
 struct account *next;
typedef struct account acc;
display(acc * );
acc add(acc **);
int main()
int i;
acc *list_acc;
list_acc = NULL;
//Print the various options available to the user
printf("1. View the records\n");
printf("2. Calcuate current per head expenditure\n");
printf("3. View total expenditure till date\n");
printf("4. Who spends the most\n");
printf("5. Graphical representation\n");
printf("6. Add/Delete a member\n");
scanf("%d", &i);
   case 1: printf ("Viewing records");

   case 2:
   case 3:
   case 4:
   case 5:
   case 6:
   printf("Input data unknown\n");
display(acc *list_ptr)
    while(list_ptr != NULL)

      printf("\n %s" ,list_ptr->name);
      list_ptr  = list_ptr->next;
acc add(acc **list_ptr)
   FILE *fp;
   acc *temp, *new_blk;
   temp = *list_ptr;
   int i,number;
   printf(" Enter the number of people in your house");
   scanf("%d", &number);
   fp = fopen("c:\tcplus\tc\data.txt","w");
   printf("Error opening file\n");   //Unable to open file is a positive case in my program.
        new_blk = (acc *)malloc(sizeof(acc));
        printf("\nEnter the name of person %d", i);
        new_blk->next = NULL;
        if(*list_ptr == NULL)
         temp = new_blk;
         *list_ptr = temp;
         temp->next = new_blk;
         temp = temp->next;


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A backslash is an escape character in C. It is used to denote control characters such as newline (\n) and carriage return (\r). Thus, in order to put a backslash in a string (i.e. in order to avoid the compiler treating it and the character following it as a control code) you have to put down two backslashes. That is, to get a backslash in a string you must write "\\".

So, you're filename should be written as:

fp = fopen("c:\\tcplus\\tc\\data.txt","w");

Otherwise the compiler will treat the \t's as tabs.


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ksanand_beAuthor Commented:
Brilliant! Thanks a lot! The code works to the perfection.
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