OWA - Redhat Reverse Proxy setup


Ill try this question in this forum first, then the MS forum.  

Heres the scene, I recently started a new admin position, and have inheareted a real mess.. one of the services that used to run was OAW (outlook web access) using an exchange 2k back end and redhat 9, apache, ssl setup as a reverse proxy.

I rebuilt the linux box and reinstalled apache and ssl, setup the proxy and sorted out the firewall. Now everything up to now works great.  I can get to the url from the outside world, presented with the ssl cert, then the exchange login box. Enter the credentials and at the bottom of IE i can see the correct url loading.  


the fames apear, then i get a "sure you want to display non secure items...." on clicking yes the screen hangs and eventually dumps into an action canceled IE error, the fames are still loaded and both have the standard action canclled error message

I really dont know what the issue is i am guessing that the config is fine as everything seems to be working, URL, authentication then.. boom just stops while trying to load the inbox....

any ideas or res paths would be cool. as this is still a new position and i really want to get this opperational


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I have the following:

<VirtualHost ip.address.of.reverseproxyserver>
ServerName webmail.domain.co.uk
ServerAlias ip.address.of.reverseproxyserver
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyVia On
NoCache *
ProxyPass / https://webmail.domain.co.uk/
ProxyPassReverse / https://webmail.domain.co.uk/

then you have your ssl virtualhost

now you MUST have your /etc/hosts on the reverseproxyserver as follows:

ipaddress.of.theowa      webmail.domain.co.uk

that way apache will load up the url address and NOT the ip address (unless you have code that refers to internal url/ip address)
knightfoxAuthor Commented:
thats how my httpd.conf is setup.. I think i have nailed the issue.  It was the firewall routing from the lan to the DMZ, Problem fixed nice shiney new ISA 2004 :))
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