Rdesktop -f is full screen, Now how in KDE to I toggle back to my desktop

I used Rdesktop in full screen and it covered everything.   Now the only way I can get back in control of my computer is to go to the windows terminal server and kill the sesson.   I need a way to "alt tab" back to my linux desktop in KDE.  

What is the keystroke ?

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TIMFOX123Author Commented:
It is pretty clear after putting up a 500 point question that I am not that good at explaining   I have a full screen program ( rdesktop) that totaly covers my desktop so I can not get around it to get to anything else on my computer.   How to I get to my desktop  ?  

TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Is there a way that full screen mode will not cover the bottom toolbar in KDE ?  
You can minimize a full-screen window by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Esc (or left-clicking in the lower
right corner if you #define MAGIC_PIXEL before compiling).
If this is not working, then you need to patch the rdesktop to 1.0.0pl19.7.2 or 1.1.0.


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TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Control Alt excape is not working and the magic pixel is not working.  
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Control Alt f1 I have learned does a wonderfull job of totaly crashing X though ( a #1 job )
According to man page
I tried it and it worked for me


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TIMFOX123Author Commented:

You were 100% correct and I would love to know how you knew this.  I am going to close this but if you can tell me how you knew this and is there a way that I can make that come up that way every time it would be just grand.



man rdesktop

from console
if that doesn't work try

info rdesktop

try checking the man(nual) pages there is usually good stuff in them

>>is there a way that I can make that come up that way every time it would be just grand.
Not that I know of
Never used rdesktop before i saw this question
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