how can i know the MAC for a computer on my network ?

hello ..
i need to know the MAC for a computer on my network ..
its recommended to find a way to do this without a an application program .. if  i could do this via a command like "ping" "tracert" ... or something like this .. thats will be better ..
if you have a small program its ok.

Moayyed 3ezzz
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For a convenient way to scan your local network and display information about connected PCs like the hostname, MAC address and other useful info, try the Open Source, freeware application Angry IP Scanner from

Under the program options, you can add additional columns to the scan results window - including MAC addresses. Plug in the desired IP address range, scan that range and you can quickly find out this information.
All u need it "arp", which is an internal command in Windows OS.

Do the following:

1. Ping the IP address of the computer on the network.
2. Type in CMD (command line):  arp -a  

This will print the arp table of the PC, there u can see what is the MAC address of the IP address u pinged. Thats it.
Good luck.

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3ezzAuthor Commented:
thank you
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