If an *.oft extension is an Outlook template, how to make one then...

I'm occupied with a rule issue.
I have a MS office rule that if a message is send to a certain person, the message is to be answered with a speciffic message.
Up to the "send to a certain person" thingie everything is OK. But I cannot select an option to reply other then with a  standard template in c:/program files/microsoft office/templates/1043 which name is "mail.oft". This "mail" contains nothing and it is not possible to change and Safe it.

How can I make templates of the *.oft type
Is there another solutions to combine with the MS Outlook rules

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Hi Greenkodiak,

(the following is a paraphrase from this website: http://www.slipstick.com/rules/autoreply.htm), couldn't have said it better myself!
"First, make sure that Word is not your e-mail editor (Tools | Options | Mail Format), because WordMail does not allow you to save messages as Outlook templates. Create a new Outlook message, then add your own subject and text. You can also add Bcc and Cc addresses. Then use File | Save As, and save as an Outlook template .oft file"


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GreenkodiakAuthor Commented:
Clear and understandable
At least better then the weird microsoft way of working.

GreenkodiakAuthor Commented:
Another related question, if you would be so kind.
I changed the format the way you said. The disadvantage however now is that the message doesnt show bolt letters and more importand: an emailadres written in the mail (template) is:
 "HYPERLINK "mailto:name@domain.nl" name@domain.nl " 
When I only typed name@domain.nl
The whole "hyperlink" etc is not verry represenable.

any Idea?
hi again,
i did a little bit of in-breeding and found your answer:

(short answer: because the html template converts to rich text when it is saved as an *.oft file, all the other garbage gets added in; how to avoid it--write "mailto:" in front of the email address, like <mailto:yourname@isp.com> and that's how it will appear in the template reply)

unfortunately i don't have an answer for bold text, but this will help clean up the message quite a bit.
best of luck-
Darryl AllenCommented:
If Outlook converts all OFT files to rich text, then how do you save HTML templates?  I have saved it as HTML, but it opens as plain text.
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