I'm running Computer Associates Arcserve 2000 Advanced Edition(Version 7.0) with SP5. This software runs on a Windows 2000 Server(Compaq Proliant DL380) with external tape(DLT) autoloader. The system backs up all servers fine but when we attempt to do a merge of tapes (month or two before), we get the following message in the Activity Log and the merge fails

TAPE E6300 Windows NT SCSI PORT Error[ABSL:2010 CMD:11h] SCSI Command Retry
287 E3717 Unable to goto cluster (CLUSTER=8270015, EC:Hardware Error)

Please help...!!!!
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Have you tried to do a restore before having to do a merge? Does that work or do you have an error there as well?

It is always good practice to test your backups by restoring some random data after a backup. Have you checked
the ca site for more info about the e6300 error? Have you used a cleaning tape recently? What DLT type are you
Great post and assist by dovidmichel; Checkout the following:

Well it is a SCSI port error but the cause is not as clear.

The problem description mentions that it happens when doing a merge on these tapes.
Q. Is that the only time the SCSI error happens?
Q. Do other tapes merge/restore ok?
If the answer is yes then the source of the problem could be the tapes.

Try a Restore By Media and use a filter if you want to restore a specific directory or file.
If you don't like that idea you can try a sequintial merge, but it has to be enabled via a registry hack. Your path might not be ARCserveIT but it will be something close to it.

Open regidt32.exe
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on Local Machine
Open it to
Highlight Task and select Edit Add Key from the menue bar.
Key Name: Merge
Class: <leave blank>
Hightlight Merge and select Edit Add Value
Value Name: DonotUseCatalogMerge
Data Type: REG_DWORD
click OK
Data: 1         *// 1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled

Oh, there are a few other things to ck.
1. the tape drive and library need to be disabled from within the Windows Device Manager. The library is found under Media Changers. After they are disabled the system needs to be restarted.
2. HP/Compaq Storage Agent. In Control Panel look for HP or Compaq Management Agent. Open it up and you should be presented with a dual panel windows. On the right side SCSI information should be listed, if it is not find it on the left side and then click Remove.
3. forget 3 because you already have it updated.

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