Giga-Byte Motherboard GA-8IPE1000 revision number

I have a Giga-byte mobo and according to the label on the mobo itself (when opening the casing) the exact model and version is GA-8IPE1000, it is not GA-8IPE1000 rev.x, GA-8IPE1000 pro.....etc. Just GA-8IPE1000. I even used to see it in the giga-byte website when looking for bios update. It used to appear in the list as follows

GA-8IPE1000 revision 1
GA-8IPE1000 revision 2
GA-8IPE1000 revision 3
GA-8IPE1000 Pro 1
GA-8IPE1000 Pro 2

The initial bios version according to the startup screen was FB, but when I looked in the bios update page under GA-8IPE1000 they had version F8 and F9 at that time, so I figured it rather reads F8. Overtime I updated from F9 through F11.

The next time I checked for bios update the list appeared as before except for my GA-8IPE1000 model no longer in the list!!

Wierd, even if discontinued knowing giga-byte they wouldn't halt bios or driver updates unless perhaps the GA-8IPE1000 is the same as revision 1. Any ideas how I can tell the revision, the startup screen only shows current bios version which is now F11 and the mobo manual refers to the GA-8IPE1000 series.

Also doesn't any know where in I can get the latest version of @bios program (the one that comes with mobo cd), it is there somewhere but the website is huge, searching for is was like looking for a needle in a haystack
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Hello a_anis3000 =)

Ok try this, Download this utility and install it,

EVEREST Home Edition:

it will give u a list of all the hardwares attached to ur system, check what its telling abt ur motherboard ??
and For downloading BIOS this is the main page from GigaByte :)
a_anis3000Author Commented:
I already tried a bunch of hardware utilties includig yours, the hardware info they provide are not 100% precise when it comes to exact mobo model

For example according to your EVEREST utility the mobo model number is

Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000(-L) v2.0

But which one is my exact model? Is it GA-8IPE1000 revision 2.0 or GA-8IPE1000-L revision 2.0? If you take a look at the giga byte website they have both models. Though almost identical if the bios not the same it might cause a problem if applied to the wrong mobo.

I am also assuming that 'v2.0' means revision number. Are you sure it is so?
You can check the Gigabyte site for "product info", and compare the "regular" and "-L" models. -L has an added feature, check if your board has it.
Have you got the box the mainboard came in?
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This is the correct Model and BIOS for ur motherbaord >>

You were right at first, when u noticed the BIOS version as FB, coz when u will look at the above site, you will see that the first release was Bios version FB !! :)
You should find the revision number printed somewhere on the board itself. Maybe you didn't see it when you looked (the rev. no. isn't alsway written down next to the other info, so look all over the board). It may also be covered by something.

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a_anis3000Author Commented:
You are right rindi, I actually found the revision number printed on the corner beside the last pci slot. and it was actually revision 2.0. Hence mine is GA-8IPE1000 revision 2.0, when I went to the bios page the available version where FB to FH, not F8 to F11, so I was wrong with the F8, I have been updating with the wrong  bios all along, I wonder how I got away with that, normally a mistake like that would completely screw up the mobo, it didn't even cause any problem to my system and windows wasn't affected either!!. Wierd isn't it? Any Ideas?

Anyway I flashed the bios to the correct one FH. I just wish that giga-byte and other brands would be more specific when it comes to model information. The information supplied by the manual, the box and the print on mobo could be quite confusing when it comes to exact version...etc, which is not good at all when it comes to bios update, not to mention if you want to figure out cpu support list which is quite different for slightly different versions.

Also that EVEREST utitlity, though didn't quite provide the info I was looking for, it was helpful and the best hardware info utility I have seen so far so thanks SheharyaarSaahil too.

>> Wierd isn't it? Any Ideas?
may be they are from same company and can be slightly identical :)

>> Also that EVEREST utitlity, though didn't quite provide the info I was looking for
hmmmm i think it told us abt the right model which is Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000(-L) v2.0
remember first we were just looking for GA-8IPE1000 model(without -L) =)
a_anis3000Author Commented:

All of the GA-8IPE1000 series use award bios all of which I noticed are very similar, almost identical I would say.
Yeah, all can take an example from MSI, with their webupdate function.

Am I the only one that's getting e-mails about this topic with "Gigab Byte" in the title?
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