How to tell which port a process is listening on

My client has MQ Series configured, but I am unable to reach personnel who can tell me which port MQ Series listens on.  I am trying to use an evaluation tool, MQ Batch Toolkit and am unable to connect because I don't have the correct port.  They are not using the default, 1414.
 Netstat does not show me the process associated with the port.  Appreciate any help.
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Default Port is usually 1414
Have you tried the dos command?

netstat -a

Hope this helps!
Try some freeware called FPort

Description Follows:

Identify unknown open ports and their associated applications
Copyright 2002 (c) by Foundstone, Inc. 

fport supports Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
fport reports all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning application. This is the same information you would see using the 'netstat -an' command, but it also maps those ports to running processes with the PID, process name and path. Fport can be used to quickly identify unknown open ports and their associated applications.


FPort v2.0 - TCP/IP Process to Port Mapper
Copyright 2000 by Foundstone, Inc.

Pid Process Port Proto Path
392 svchost -> 135 TCP C:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exe
8 System -> 139 TCP
8 System -> 445 TCP
508 MSTask -> 1025 TCP C:\WINNT\system32\MSTask.exe
392 svchost -> 135 UDP C:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exe
8 System -> 137 UDP
8 System -> 138 UDP
8 System -> 445 UDP
224 lsass -> 500 UDP C:\WINNT\system32\lsass.exe
212 services -> 1026 UDP C:\WINNT\system32\services.exe

The program contains five (5) switches. The switches may be utilized using either a '/'
or a '-' preceding the switch. The switches are;

/? usage help
/p sort by port
/a sort by application
/i sort by pid
/ap sort by application path
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Probably one of the best port viewers and it is free
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
mrwebdev's right ,    netstat -a
lhalkapeelAuthor Commented:

Thanks you for your suggestions, but MQ Series is installed on a Solaris machine.  Netstat -a will not tell me the process associated with a port [unless I am not reading it correctly].  I know the name of the MQ process but cannot figure out it's port.
BTW, we have confirmed that it is NOT running on the default port, 1414.

Sysinternals TCP View offered by snerkel is a good suggestion... You can use Process Explorer (from the same site) to verify which files are loaded while T/R is taking place

lsof is a freeware which can display which port usage and the owner. I use lsof at AIX and I believe that lsof is also available at Solaris.


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As far as I know solaris has an etc folder. look in there if you can find a configuration file for your MQ Series. Any port info would probably be in such a file, and those files usually are plain text files (you may need to root to have the rights to view some of these files).
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