Convert .ACT files to MP3 or WAV


I have a MP3 voice recorder which records voice into .act files.

I would like an utility ( ideally free ) to convert these files from their original .act files into .mp3 or .wav.

Many thanks

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I don't have any .act files to test this on but give it a try:'S%20Multi-MP3%20Player%20JPM-602-128M.htm

At the bottom of the page is a link to download a converter utility.

Some recorders come with their own software for converting .act files, perhaps yours did?

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gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hi great i will try these out !

Many thanks
gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Really sorry i have not posted back recently. Thank you so much for the posts your solutions worked perferect !
having XP SP2
try all the above solutions (geeting from fileExt faq but none of them work.  SoundCoverter could not find the act file
Act2wav (inside did not repond to my convert command?

What's wrong with my computer??
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