Linksys router at home/vpn to work

I have a linksys router (wrt54g) and it uses 192.168.1.x for my home network...I VPN into my work and then use remote desktop to connect to on the work network...problem is...I can't do this when I'm on the router...I have to unplug from router and plug directly into my cable modem and get an ip from comcast before I can use RDP to connect to my work ip ( there a way around this so I don't have to keep unplugging and plugging cables?  Let me know if this isn't enough info!

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Try changing your ip's from the router on your home side.  The problem is that the Linksys at home is using the same network as your work does.  When this happens the RDP client is trying to connect locally instead of over the VPN causing your connection to fail.  That's going to be your easiest shot considering it's probably not feasible to change the IP's on your work network.
aero-ownerAuthor Commented: my linksys all it gives me the option of is what the starting address is for DHCP 192.168.1 is hardcoded....
If you change your LAN IP address on the Linksys and apply it (and write it down as you will probably need to set your PC up to access it for configuration) it should change the DHCP options to the new network number.  

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aero-ownerAuthor Commented:
Really? I'll give that a try...
aero-ownerAuthor Commented:
wow...I'm a tool...never thought of that...just figured it was hardcoded for that subnet....thanx a lot!
Can you explain a little about what you did to make this work? I am having the same exact problem. I changed the IP address of the router to but did not change the subnet mask. then disabled the DHCP server.
As a result of that, nothing worked and lost my internet connection. Had to reset to defaults.

Thanks in advance,
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