Oracle data warehouse

Have you ever worked with Oracle data warehouse using dotNET?

I've search over internet but found little documents. Do you know how to connect to the datawarehouse and do somethings such as create a (Crystal Report) report?

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ehanoi2Author Commented:
Does a data warehouse similar to a database in ways: create and use stored procedure?

It seems that Data Warehouse is rarely to be used, doesn't it? :(
i use data warehouse, and have dabbled with what you are trying to do.  ive been able to create a connection to the database, but cannot run any queries.

the reason i think the queries always fail is becuase we have a "special version" MS Access interface we run all our DWH queries with.  However, DWH is on an Oracle machine.

this leads me to believe that they are using two different standards of SQL and our MS Access program is what does the converting the code to the server.

so in short, heres how i connect to DWH

        'self made function

        'correct connection string through ADO
        conn.ConnectionString = "DSN=YourInfo;server=YourInfo;uid=" + login + ";pwd=" + pass

        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("Cannot connect to DataWarehouse.  Could be a connection problem or invalid UserName/Pass.  Please try again.")
        End Try

if you make sure you get the connection string correct, it will work.  however, best of luck trying to run queries on it.  i couldnt get it to work.


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