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$session as a global variable, mod_perl

Posted on 2004-11-08
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
Im in the process of converting my cgi scripts to mod_perl compatiable so I can run it with Apache::Registry

My scripts have global variables, and I know that this is the cause of my problem.  Im using CGI::Session, and then declaring $session = new CGI::Session( undef, $cgi->cookie(‘CGISESSID’) || undef, {Directory=>$session_dir});

I have a main.pl file and a bunch of pl files which have my subroutines in them.

The main.pl file has
require ‘file1.pl’;
require ‘file2.pl’;
require ‘file3.pl’;

All the subfunctions in the pl files require the $session variable, so I have declared $session as a global variable, in every single file.
use vars qw( $cgi $session )

So the global variables are messing up as expected, because mod_perl doesn’t reload the scripts every time, so I understand that.  However, I don’t now the best way to resolve this.

I know I can drop using $cgi and $session as global variables and passing them in as parameters to all the subfunctions, but I have so many subfunctions and my code will become a mess.

Is there a better way to implement this?

Thanks in advance,

Question by:tongueroo
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Expert Comment

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Could you tie it to a file?

Expert Comment

ID: 12535311
try this:

in main.pl create a function, say init(), inside it assign $cgi=new CGI, and of course include a call oft init in main.pl. Example:

#require section

sub init{
  $cgi=new CGI;
  $session = new CGI::Session( undef, $cgi->cookie(‘CGISESSID’) || undef, {Directory=>$session_dir});'


# rest of your code

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Accepted Solution

kandura earned 2000 total points
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I had good results using Class::WeakSingleton.

See http://search.cpan.org/author/JJORE/Class-WeakSingleton-1.03/WeakSingleton.pm for details.

The crux is to make your scripts call a class method to get the session object, instead of directly relying on a global variable.
In this case, they would do something like

  my $session = My::WeakSession->instance;

This way Class::WeakSingleton will make sure it will only instantiate one object, and because it is a weak reference, it will go away after one run. Just make sure you do not use a global variable to hold the object!

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