Win XP SP2 New PC Freezes

I Have recently built a new PC with the following

Asus P4P800S-X Mobo
P4 3.0G
1Gb 3200 DDR Ram
Win XP SP2
Maxtor Sata Hard Disk
Leadtek 128mb 9500XT Graphics

The machine regularly freezes at random points ie in applications or just windows desktop doing nothing.  The Hard Drive LED stays on when it freezes.  Is there a way of tracing this problem.  Can anyone offer any assistance please.

Thanks Ollie.
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you can go 2 ways : hard and soft
Hard : disconnect or disable anything no needed for troubleshooting, bootup with a minimal config, so 1 ram stick video card, kbd + mouse, 1 hard disk; i f the problem is gone, you add devices 1 by one.
Main culprits are RAM and power supply
test your RAM :
calculate the power supply needed :

Ther soft side i'll guide you through if this does not show anything

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manhoodoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the starting advice.  I will be able to begin this testing in 7 hours time.  Will leave the call open.


Of course, with a newly built PC, any of the new components may be faulty.  You will need to swap them with ones that you know work in another system.  You should also check if the motherboard is intermittently shorting against the case by moving it out of the case and laying it on a piece of wood or cardboard.
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Testing the system is always a good idea.  However, I would be inclined to think that you have a basic cooling problem under the circumstances.  Monitor the CPU temp.  You may need to reseat and reseal it with the cooler.  Or you may need a new cooler.
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
Hello all, I have monitored the CPU Temp using Asus Probe. The temp of CPU and RAM is well below the recommended threshold, so looks OK with that.  Also the various required voltages are OK, inc 1.4v CPU.  Unfortunately I will not be able to begin hardware testing yet, apologies for that.  I expect to begin in the next few days.  

FYI the PC has improved in that it last for longer periods without freezing (Max 4 hours yesterday afternoon) I have also noticed a trend in that it freezes more often when first switched on.  After a few hours it seems to settle a bit and last for longer periods......???  Maybe its not a morning person, I don't know!

Any more thoughts?


I would take out all connectors and cables , inspect them and reseat them properly; it could be a cause of a bad contact; you can also try different cables.
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
Nobus, I have just been onto the website.  The program comes in three different formats as follows...

first is a pre-build bootable ISO, second is a bootable binary, thrid bootable dos floppy.

I know how to use option 3 but I don't have a floppy drive on this PC.  Do you know how I go about using bootable ISO or Binary??


PS I feel its time to share some points out due to my personal delays .  I may do this and re-open the query again later today.
you download the ISO file, and burn it with a burning software like Nero on a CD
You "could" of couse hook up a floppy drive for test purposes also...
I must add : Nero allows you to burn ISO files : select disk images or saved projects
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
I have tested the power supply using  Thats fine, but I expexted that as its a 450w ATX.  I will run memtest as soon as poss.  Out of interest, I just tested it on another PC.  I booted up from the ISO File CDR and the Memtest Program started.  I let the program run for 20 mins or so then decided to reboot as the pc was needed for other tasks.  When I did this, the memetest prog ran again and again from reboot including when I took the CDR out.  I only managed to start the PC via a windows XP Cdrom and amending boot priority in BIOS.  

Do you have to let the Memtest program run until finished before returning to normal status?  

Does it write files to the hard disk boot sector?      


No to both questions, you have to power off only
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