Help!!! I lost my fiiles...

I had a folder of 2.2 GB of pictures, it was on drive D, and it was hidden. after I formatted Drive C and installed windows on it, I cant now find my folder any more, not even in the search. Drive D's size is still big, ie it is not 2.2GB less. can anyone help me get my folder back?

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File Recovery

When a file is deleted either from the Network, By a program or from the Command Line, is does not get put into the recycle bin. However the file is NOT erased, instead the information that points to the file is erased. By erasing the pointer, the file becomes "Invisible" to the Operating system. Using Third party software these files can be recovered.

NOTE: remove the offending Hard Drive and fit in in a working PC as a slave drive - Deleted files get overwritten FIRST so just installing recovery software can over-write them.

**********Freeware Recovery Tools**********

Deleted File Analysis

PC Inspector
(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS)

(Also have a Netware version - NOT FREE)

**********TrialWare Recovery Tools**********

Undelete 3.0 (30 Day trial available)
(NT/2K/XP) - Can run direct from the CD

File Recover

(FAT12/16/32 NTFS NTFS5 and Ext2FS)

Recover My Files

**********Shareware Recovery Tools**********

File Scavenger
(NT/2K/XP) - Supports Reformatted Volumes -Limited to 32Kb file size!

GetDataBack for FAT
(FAT) Works Even After FDisk and Format, Can run Over the network.

GetDataBack for NTFS
(NTFS) Works Even After FDisk and Format, Can run Over the network.

(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS) Runs From MMC Console

(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS) Runs from DOS Bootdisk

FinalData Plus

************Commercial Products************

File Restore ($39.00)

HDR Data Recovery ($485.00) Trail available

**********Good Link to More Info***********
What Os do you have? Xp or win98?
does the drive show in the BIOS, post screen and device manager?
Was drive D a drive, or a partition?
Have you made sure you can view hidden files and folders now that you have reinstalled your OS? If it is Windows XP (or 2000) log on as administrator and open Explorer, Click "Tools, Folder Options, View". Make sure you have "Show hidden files and folders" selected.

If you can now see the folders of your D Drive you can right-click that folder and open "sharing and security". Here you can now adjust the settings you will need for the folder and user. You may also have to take ownership of the folder, if no user has full rights to it. If you can't manipulate any properties of this folder it may be that it was encrypted under your Previous installation. You could in that case use a program like partition magic or acronis drivemanager and convert it to fat32. after that you should return it to ntfs.

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In addition to taking ownership of the folder try starting in safe mode (If you're using w2k or xp) and see if you can access your folder.  I had a similar problem.

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