'ResourcePool' is not supported on the current platform - ERROR !

I've been developing a web application on my laptop the last few months.
The application makes use of ASP.NET (from Visual Studio .NET), SQL Server 2000 (with SP 3) and IIS.
Previously the application has been running fine.
The laptop runs on a Windows XP operating system.
I've made 2 attempts at installing Windows XP service pack 2 (to keep up to date with things).
On both attempts this has caused issues with the laptop hanging on start-up - as such, the service pack has been removed.
So I'm back to the operating system without service pack 2 installed.
Now when I attempt to run my web application - I get an error "'ResourcePool' is not supported on the current platform."
I've gone as far as uninstalling Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server - and then re-installing both.
Still I get this error.
Can anyone suggest why I'm seeing this ?
I'm assuming that it's to do with the fact that service pack 2 didn't find it's way on properly and removing it has taken some elements with it that it shouldn't have.
Is there a workaround for this ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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StevenKAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I should point out that the error occurs when I try to make use of an SqlConnection - i.e. run a sql command and fill a DataTable.
The same actions seem to work OK when dealing with a bog-standard Windows application.
I don't know if this sheds any light on it .... ?
Hi StevenK,

i think the problem is that you don't have System.EnterpriseServices.ResourcePool
check this threads:

and check if this can help:


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