Java I/O problem

this is my program that i had written.
outstream = tcpipSocket.getOutputStream();
instream  = tcpipSocket.getInputStream();

//Identify Command Sequence.
int protocol_version = 513;
int check_sum = 543;
String protocol_name = "PRS";
byte[] identify = {10,20,(byte)protocol_version,0,(byte)check_sum};

BufferedOutputStream bufferoutput1 = new BufferedOutputStream(outstream);


length = instream.available();
BufferedInputStream bufferinput1 = new BufferedInputStream(instream);

for (int i=1; i<=length; i++)
      byte response = (byte);

I dont want to have a byte array  to add all the codes in side the byte array.

Instead it should be possible for me to add strings, integers, and bytes to the output stream.

how could i do it.
please help me out to reach the solution

With regards,
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use DataOutputStream.
Hi D4Ly,

You can use the BufferedWriter instead

Use ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream to send the objects you want. You will need to pass to the ObjectInput/OutputStream constructors the input/output stream of the socket. For more info:
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if u have String for example u can simply:
String strVal = "hello i will become a byte array now";
byte[] byteValue = strVal.getBytes();

for int u can do this
byte[] byteValue = String.valueOf(12).getBytes();
Go to the section where it says "Transporting Objects over Sockets"
Thsi is the part you are interested in:

ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(tcpipSocket.getInputStream());
ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(tcpipSocket.getOutputStream());

Then to send objects simply do:

oos.writeObject(new Date());

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