Building a simple Questionnaire ?


I'm looking to construct a simple Questionnaire using Dreamweaver.

Can anybody suggest how I do this?  I would like to keep it as simple as possible but would consider using ASP if beneficial?

I am more concerned how to get to the results from the questionnaire to appear in a nicely formatted email?

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ASP will work quite well if you have CDONTS installed on the server.
PHP is also quite easy.
But this is code for asp:

If Request.ServerVariables("Request_Method") = "POST" then

Dim objMail
Dim strBody

 Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    objMail.From    = "You***************** "
    objMail.Subject = "Thank You*************** "
    objMail.To      = ""

     firstName             = Request.form("fname")
     Lastname             = Request.form("lname")
     emailaddress                      = Request.form("emailaddress")

     HTML = HTML & "<html>"
     HTML = HTML & "<head>"
     HTML = HTML & "</head>"
     HTML = HTML & "<body bgcolor=""FFFFFF""><font size =""2"" face=""Arial"">"
       HTML = HTML & "Thank you" & firstName &" for completing the  Questionnaire.  Your participation in this process is very much appreciated."
       HTML = HTML & "<br>"       
       HTML = HTML & "<hr width=""200"" size=""2"" align=""left"">"
     HTML = HTML & "<p align = ""center"">This email has been auto-generated; Please do not respond.</p>"
       HTML = HTML & "</font></body>"
     HTML = HTML & "</html>"

     objMail.BodyFormat=0 '0= HTML, 1=Text

     objMail.Body = HTML


'You must always do this with CDONTS.
 set objMail = nothing

End If

You should be able to alter this to your needs.
this is the second page of the process. just create a form on the first page and change the form names to sothing more descriptive. then let that form POST to this page.

andyw27Author Commented:

That's great thank you.

One other question how can I get the forms feature to interact with the email.  For example if I had say 4 tick boxes how could I get the label and status of tickbox to show in the email which is returned ?

The same goes for drop down lists ?

same way, just add like this

this first part is the variables
                                  this second part is requesting the info that was put into the form fields

     firstName           = Request.form("fname")
     Lastname           = Request.form("lname")
     emailaddress      = Request.form("emailaddress")

     othercheckbox     =Request.form("nameofthecheckbox")

Hope this helps
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