About IL, CLR, JIT and *.exe

This is not an urgent question but since my boss pays for the points...

How are the buzzword in the title related? Can I compile my sources into a *.exe? Do I need the .NET framework on the target computer? How does it perform if I don't have any network related stuff (e.g. image processing)?

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Bob LearnedCommented:
>> Can I compile my sources into a *.exe?


>> Do I need the .NET framework on the target computer?

For the most part, yes.  Look at Thinstall (quite expensive, but pretty cool).

>>  How does it perform if I don't have any network related stuff

Pretty good.


Euh, I don't know how to start to make it clear, lemme try like this.
IL = Intermediate Language
CLR= Common language runtime
JIT = Just in time
EXE (or DLL) = assemblies

The programmer starts writing Source Code.
If he compiles his source code they becomes IL (an intermediate state that's machine independent) Assemblies (exe's or dll)
once the user starts the program it gets JIT (just in time) compiled for the specific CPU

The CLR is the .NET framework which provides all these features

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>>Do I need the .NET framework on the target computer?

the .net framework needs to reside on the machine that will execute the code.  THis only needs to be the redistributable framework (24MB), not the SDK (300 MB)

Learn'd>  Thinstall really does have some promise.  Too bad its so expensive.  ($1,000 for a 1 year, 1 user license; $2,200 for a 1 year, 5 user license)
mono allows for embedding too
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