Viewing internal websites


We host our websites in-house and work fine, However staff cannot view the sites if they use etc.

I have been told it is something to do with our servers DNS setting?

But where and what should i look for,

We are running Windows 2003 Server, (IIS6)

and using a Firebox X500

PLEASE HELP, this is driving me nuts
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Hi bolox,
The problem will be caused by your firewall not supporting local redirection. Your users are trying to access the public IP address of your firewall. The firewall is only translating the IP address if the traffic comes from outside.

What you need to do to get it working is to add the domain name to your internal DNS and configure the IP address to be the internal IP address of the server.
boloxAuthor Commented:
Any tips on how?
How are your webserver(s) connected to your firewall. Are they on the inside interface, outside interface, or DMZ?
What are their IP addresses?
Can you access them if you connect using their IP address instead of their name?
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Why not go via


Make sure you share the wwwroot directory.

Or you could go via internal IP?
Or you need to setup internal DNS resolution and forward querys to an outside DNS server?

Create an A record and PRT record in your internal DNS server. Point to <your IP>
what you need is split dns... this is accomplished by leaving your external dns alone and creating a new zone for on your windows 2003 server... add a host record which points to the internal ip address of your server hosting the website...  if you don't have dns already setup and running on your windows 2003 server you would need to install it and configure dns forwarders to your isp dns servers and configure your network workstations to use the windows 2003 server as their dns server... this could be done through a dhcp setting or manually configuring the workstations...
Are you using XP machines to access the server?  If so, edit the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file with the following...        localhost

replacing the address with the internal address of your web server.

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boloxAuthor Commented:
Sweet as a nut, With little messing around.

Thankyou for that.

ezSoftware's answer is alright but its only temporary in my opinion.

Your gonna have to do this on all the machines and every new machine that comes into your network. In the long run it makes more sense to setup DNS correctly.
boloxAuthor Commented:
Not a problem for me, This way i cannot break the servers (which i usually do) any more. Everyones logon has a bat script, so just adding this as a file copy is no work at all.

I fully understand where you are coming from, georgecooldude, And in fairness i would like the DNS route, but i just don't feel confident in doing it as we have had SOOOO many problems on the server and is now just about settled.

Thankyou for your input.


"This way i cannot break the servers (which i usually do)"  bolox - oh that's too funny - I've been there...

We all have given correct answers - I remember how easy it was to fix this problem when I was up and coming with computers (and how happy it made me to not break something with this fix).
Yeah. =)

The main thing is your problem is fixed.

At least you have a working server and the option to switch between both methods should you need to.
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