Configuring Small Business Server 2003 as a VPN or as a Terminal Services Server with a ETEC router and Dynamic IP Addressing

I need to configure my small business server 2003 so that remote clients can connect to it and use a propietary program. I am unable to get any of the computers connected using the routing and remote access wizard, their is no physical connection with the server and I will just have clients coneecting to it remotely. Some told me that I had to forward a port on my ETEC router which I did, but everytime I try to connect the page of the router is displayed, apart from that I am using Dynamic IP Addressing, so I used DYNIP to solve that issue but it gives me the same result. Please I really need this help but I really need to know what to chech to see if my server is configured correctly or what do I have to do I AM LOST. Thanks in advance for your help.
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did you use the wizard in the small business server administrator console to setup routing and remote access?  if not... disable routing and remote access and use the console... also... there is a remote webpage that comes with small business server... it allows routing to the remote desktop protocol across and https... all you would need to do is forward port 443 to the server and when someone went to they would be presented with a login page...

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What port are you forwarding to get to the SBS?

If you want to use Terminal server then the defaul port is 3389 but Microsoft recommends changing that....;en-us;326945

If you want them to VPN in then you have enable them to pass through the router..usually IPSEC Passthrough. I am not familiar with your router to tell you if it allows VPN connections...or lets them pass through.

Here is a white paper that might help you...

If you forward port 80 correctly on your router you should be able to get to the default web page on the SBS box when you type in  you also have to have IIS up and running on the server.  Can you get to the web site from the internal network?  
I'd setup a seperate VPN (maybe your firewall router already has VPN capabilties for all the clients you need). A separate VPN (not the built-in version you get with SBS Server) gives you more security. Once your clients have connected to the VPN, they behave as if they were on your Lan. That way you don't have to do any port opening etc.
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