HOWTO Run a java chatserver application as a service under LINUX


I have managed to create a chat server java application. It works fine, when i start it on the command line. However, when i close my ssh session it closes down ofcourse. I would like
to have this program running forever ( as a service or something else ) and dont want to stay logged in all the time.

Is there an easy way to do this ? I'm average experienced on windows platforms but am a novice on LINUX.

Hope someone can point me out or refer me to a tutorial that covers this clearly.


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Try to start it by using: java <your class> &
Alternatively you can put the above command on your .bashrc or .bash_profile and have it start automatically upon computer/shell start up.

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marcel42Author Commented:
Ok thanks, do you know how to close down this service again ? Just kill it with the kill command ? Or is there a cleaner method ?

Is a wrapper to allow your application to run as either a Windows service, or a UNIX Daemon :-)

> Ok thanks, do you know how to close down this service again ? Just kill
> it with the kill command ? Or is there a cleaner method ?

How do you stop it normally?

Kill would do. Alternatively you could write a script that sends a signal to it in order to stop, something similar to how the Tomcat start/stop is done.
u can search for the Java proccess and kill it by the Id
>  Try to start it by using: java <your class> &

This would still be killed when you logged out (I think)

A more stable version of this would be:

nohup java yourclass & > /tmp/nohup.out

the "nohup" tells the process no to die when you log off (and it gets sent a SIG_INT command to shut down)

I *think* ;-)
Also, I don't think .bashrc is read until you log in, so I am not sure that the process would start when the computer powered up...

(Oh, and SIG_INT in my previous comment should be SIG_HUP obviously) ;-)

Basically, you will either want to write a script to put in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ to allow /sbin/service to start, stop and restart your service, or use that wrapper from tanukisoftware (which is probably easier to use -- init.d scripts make my brain melt sometimes :-(
I think you are right about the "nohup"
Tim's last comments are the ones you need
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Thank you
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