VNC pass trough Cisco VPN Client with a LinkSys Firewall/Router

I have a LinkSys Firewall/Router and have a Cisco VPN Client installed on my PC.  I am trying to remotely support a remote PC but get a "Failed to connect to server".  On another PC I have, Shiva VPN Client is installed.  On that second PC, with the same Firewall/Router, I am able to support a remote PC at my office (another site backed with a Shiva Gateway).  Based on this "functionality", I expect my LinkSys Firewall/Router properly configured because Shiva VPN Client allow TightVNC to work.  However, I get no functionality when trying to use VNC at a site backed with a Cisco VPN Server.  Any ideas?
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Hi Alain_Labelle_Ing,
Are both VPN's using IPSEC?

On the Linksys all you normally need to do is enable the 'IPSEC Passthru' option and it just works. I use one connecting to a Cisco PIX myself.
You might wish to check to see if there is newer formware for the Linksys as early versions had a few bugs.
If I understand you correctly, you have two very different scenarios:
   PC w/Cisco VPN --> Linksys   ----------->Client VPN 3000 Concentrator ----->VNC Host = Fail
   PC w/Shiva VPN --> Linksys  ----------->Shiva Gateway ------>VNC Host = OK

If the above is correct, then the issue is on the 3000 concentrator. That box has myriad capabilities to limit your activities on the remote LAN, and the VNC ports may be restricted. It could also be a routing entry needed on the VNC Host to route your VPN client subnet to the VPN3000 rather than its normal default gateway.


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