Win 2000 clean install Problem!

Hi, I am trying to install win 2000 on an older KDS Valiant laptop. The laptop previously had win 98 installed. On the install I can format and it will get as far as loading the setup files but then it blue screens. After the first blue screen I rebooted and now get a red box error saying:

Save to disk file not found
Save to disk feature disabled
Run PHdisk for information
File:Create new one
Partition:Consult manual

Not sure this is software or hardware, I have never seen this error before. That is why I must turn to the Experts.
Thank You for any help.     jrtool
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This is just a guess but some old PC's including laptops did not have an EEPROM for the bios, instead they used a hidden partion to save changes and store system tools. Did you remove this by mistake while creating and formating a partion during the win2K setup. like I said this is just a guess.

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Hi jrtool,

Is sounds like the BIOS is looking for the STD file. With older laptops in Win98, the OS didn't natively support the creation of the Save to Disk feature. This needed to be done from a separate utility. I would suggest however that this is not the problem.

The blue screen is indicating a serious system problem when loading the files.
Your problem may be memory or it could be several other issues.

Have you loaded a driver for your ide controller at setup start?
To check memory, try memtest86+.

If these are OK, then please report back and give us more info.

Good Luck
Rob StoneCommented:
Check for a BIOS update too. Some old machines can support 2000/XP with a BIOS upgrade
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