Speakers have started to make a buzzing sound and it getting worse

My speakers over a month or so have made a buzzing sound and its progressively getting worse, i've checked for dust and driver problems and I have not relocated he speakers or installed anything new either so could it be the speakers or sound card?


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Albert van der MerweIT TechnicianCommented:
To me it sounds like the spekers. The only way to realy test it is to unplug the speakers from the soundcard. If it still makes a noise then you know it is the speakers. Just make sure the plug that you unplug from the soundcard don't touch anything mettal, as it will then still make a noise.  Else borrow good speakers from somewhere and see if you stil have the problem.

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Maybe you should relocate the speakers, in case a soruce of interference has come into the neighborhood or your house.  If moving them doesn't work, check the wire connections for a good fit or swap them, to check if they are not the problem.  After that, swap the sound card, to see if it is the source of trouble.
could be a grounding issue, what kind of speakers?
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
new speakers did the trick but i didnt want to pay for card and speakers and waste a load of money


The problem could be coming from either place.  
There are a things you can try to isolate the trouble.  Check all your connections including you amp power and amp desktop volume control (if your system have them) to make sure none have gotten bumped loose, and as Callandor suggested, relocate the speakers  temporarily to see if you have outside interference.  

Is it there all the time or only when you have sound coming from the sound card?  Is the static coming from all speakers, front channel, back channel or one specifically? If just one speaker swap it from left to right (if possible) see if problem follows the speaker.  If you are using a 2 speaker system and have no spare speakers to test with you can try a headset on the sound card output to listen for the noise.  

If the static is coming from 1 set of speakers (like the front) and you a 5.1 system you can temporarily swap the front and back speakers, this should tell you if the noise is coming from the amp or the speakers themselves.  If the noise did not follow to the swapped speakers, unplug that input from the sound card, noise still there?  If so swap the front and back connections coming from the sound card, if the noise moved then the problem is the sound card or the cable from the sound card (swap connection on the opposite end to verify cable), if it didn't the problem is most likely in the amp.  

That should help you narrow the problem down, if you're still unsure or need more help tell us what you have isolated so far and some details about your system.
What sound card are you using?
What speaker system are you using, 2 speaker stereo, monitor speakers, 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround, analog input (3 cables from sound card if you're using surround), digital (optical, sp/dif, etc.)?

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