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Setting GroupName Property for OptionButtons in VBA Macro code

Dear Experts,

I currently am writing a macro in Excel to create a trio of Option Buttons which are located next to a cell which contains the name of one of my companies products.  The buttons will allow the user the opportunity to select a particular form of the product he wants. I have created this macro already for 30 products in a particular worksheet.  I went into each of the buttons and linked them to a certain cell (LinkedCell Property) and I gave each trio of buttons the same groupname (GroupName property).

Now I am doing a new version of the program which will cover 400 products.  I am trying to write a macro which will create the buttons, link them to a certain cell, and assign a group name to each trio.

Using a For Each loop and the Copy method, I have been able to create the trio of buttons.  The problem is that I am unable to assign a GroupName to each trio of buttons.  I get an 438 error that says Object doesn't support this Property or Method.

Can you show me what code I need to assign a GroupName and LinkedCell property to the new buttons I have created?


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1 Solution
The type of Option Button you are using is the VB style.  The Excel style doesn't have a GroupName (it relies on group boxes around the option buttons to show what goes with what)

You access VB ones as follows ...

ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("Test").Object.GroupName = "Test2"

ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("Test").LinkedCell = "Sheet1!A1"

Note the .Object in the Groupname one.
"Test" was the name of my Option Button btw

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